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The New Electrode Structure

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 11:43:23

Electrolyte between the electrodes is in charge of the electron transport vehicles, rechargeable batteries past (such as lithium metal) using lithium salt, common alkaline battery electrolyte is potassium hydroxide. The new solar cell uses a new electrolyte in solar powered portable generator: iodide additives, will greatly enhance the efficiency of the cell is added between the electrode and the mesh of their solar panels.


Compared with those in need with four solar panels connected to the battery electrode, the new design will need only three: the mesh solar panels form into the first electrode, the below is placed thin carbon plate-shaped holes (the second electrode) and lithium Edition (the third electrodes), between is the electrodes sandwich the electrolyte layer to transfer to take the load.


Because only three electrodes, so need to reduce the manufacturing cost of the new design. The process will be repeated for the test battery charge and discharge, while the electro-optical X photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of the consumption of the electrode material, the researchers used a red dye to filter the band of light to be captured, ruthenium material originally used in eight-hour charge and discharge after the process of dye exhausted, then turned to the plated iron rust holes. Test results show that the new solar battery life can compete with the market of rechargeable battery. 


Solar energy development of public concern in the past, mostly concentrated in the chip plate-like solar panel information, context of use is almost fixed to the roof or the vast plains, it need for large batteries store electricity, which can be effective.


Breathing solar cells, the clever combination of solar panels and rechargeable batteries, solar cells can get rid of the cumbersome lines and more bulky battery, integrated into the solar system of rechargeable battery, the solar cell is more portable, and applications closer to our lives. Mining diverse variety of new solar cell can be opened for us to imagine the limitations of portable solar power generator: solar energy can be more "action-oriented" , applications can be closer to everyday life.

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