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The Lithium Battery Charging Mode is Limited Pressure Cross Flow

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-27 15:28:40

Mainly in three steps:


The first step: to determine the voltage <3V, the first pre-charge, 0.05C current;


The second step: to determine the 3V


The third step: to determine the voltage> 4.2V, constant voltage charge, the voltage is 4.20V, the current decreases with increasing voltage until full.


In fact, today I was this point some do not know, check the internet a bit, then the above as common sense to understand.


If the voltage is less than 3V, pre-charge should be carried out. The charging current is 1/10 of the set current, and it is usually about 0.05C. After the voltage rises to 3V, enter the standard charging process. Standard charging process: constant current to set the current charge, the battery voltage rose to 4.20V, the constant voltage charging to maintain the charging voltage of 4.20V. At this time, the charging current gradually decreases, and when the current falls to 1/10 of the set charging current, the charging ends.


General lithium battery charging current is set between 0.2C to 1C, the greater the current, the faster charge, while the greater the heat the battery. Moreover, the excessive current charge, the capacity is not full, because the battery inside the electrochemical reaction takes time. Just like pouring beer, pour too fast, then it will have a bubble, but dissatisfied.The lithium batteries could  be used in solar powered portable generator.


Glossary of Terms: Charge and discharge current is generally referred to as C, C is the value of the corresponding battery capacity. Battery capacity is generally Ah, mAh said, such as M8 battery capacity 1200mAh, the corresponding C is 1200mA. 0.2C is equal to 240mA.

The lithium battery discharge, the battery, the normal use is the discharge process


Lithium battery discharge only need to pay attention to a few points:


1, the discharge current can not be too large, too much current causes the battery internal heat, may cause permanent damage;


2, absolutely can not discharge! Lithium batteries are afraid of over discharge, once the discharge voltage is lower than 2.7V, it may lead to battery scrapped. So we need to use BMS to control the discharge process when use lifepo4 battery pack.

The following is a typical lithium battery typical discharge curve:


Can be seen from the typical discharge curve, the battery discharge current, the discharge capacity of the smaller, faster voltage drop.


Therefore, under normal circumstances the battery load after work, reduce the load will appear voltage rise phenomenon, is called "call back" phenomenon.

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