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The Largest Solar Power Project In Nanjing

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-23 09:01:20
Located in Lishui District, Baima Town, Chang-white agricultural Nongguang complementary solar power projects in Nanjing city is by far the largest solar power batteries power projects, in June 30, 16 successfully grid-connected power generation, has been basically completed.

 It is understood that the project in May 16 to invest in construction, a total investment of about 200 million yuan, of which about 160 million yuan investment in photovoltaic power generation, agricultural infrastructure investment of about 40 million yuan, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation of 20 megawatts per year can produce Clean power of about 23 million degrees, while emissions of about 19,800 tons of carbon dioxide, saving about 07,900 tons of standard coal.
The Largest Solar Power Project In Nanjing
After the completion of the project, it will play a positive role in promoting the development of clean energy, improving the ecological environment and reducing the emission of harmful gases. "We will make the Richang portable solar power generator power project a photovoltaic power generation, eco-agriculture, sightseeing, , Agricultural research and experiment in one of the three demonstration bases for the development of industrial integration, a white horse agricultural high-tech park of the new bright spot. "Japan-solar power project leader said.

For one of the ecological agriculture planting part of the plan, the relevant responsible person said, will be planted in the photovoltaic plant according to the different regions of different crops, will be in the north side of the high stent 2.5 meters above the region to build fungi shed, carry out fungus breeding; Planting of red kiwi fruit and juicy grape in the area below two meters; planting of white tea and organic cauliflower in the shade of PV module; planting some field crops in flying wing, suspension cable, flat uniaxial and other areas; At the same time from the high-stent, flying wing, cable, flat uniaxial and other areas according to the need to open up part of the land as a complementary field of agricultural research experiments. According to the demand of crops for the sun, to carry out multi-level inter-planting, full and effective use of land area, while driving photovoltaic technology, agricultural complementary research and ecological tourism development.

The Largest Solar Power Project In Nanjing

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