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The Largest Single Rooftop Solar Formally Established In India

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 19:21:55
single rooftop solarOne of photovoltaic projects in India Haryana Bahadurgarh largest single rooftop solar formally established in India.

Merino Panel Products is a company set up by this photovoltaic project in August synchronization, and since then has been successful solar power.

This photovoltaic power solar powered protable generator plant designed by Delhi Sunsure Energy, utilities India rooftop and ground-mounted solar energy solutions.

Bahadurgarh India industry more developed regions, India is the birthplace of some famous industry.

MPPL chairman Shri C. L. Lohia is making every effort to achieve green production, as part of the company's business strategy. Today, about 15% of electricity needs through solar solved.
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