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The Japan Meteorological Association provides a

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 10:20:30

The Japan Meteorological Association provides a "predictive reliability" service to control the amount of sunshine

Japan Meteorological Association on September 28 announced that it will begin to provide "sunshine forecast reliability of information services." This is a service that can be used to quantify the amount of sunshine forecast reliability over a maximum of 72 hours in the next 30 minutes. Available from October 3rd. When combine with lifepo4 batteries with BMS in solar power systems, we should know the sunshine situation.

It is envisaged that PV solar power generator output forecast for the power generation is easy to be controlled by the weather so that the utility company can improve the supply and demand plan efficiency of the power grid.sunshine

The service can take into account the risk of fluctuating PV output relative to the predicted value to ensure proper standby power, thus enabling stable and efficient operation of the grid.

The service analyzes weather trends from past sunshine observations, extracts similar past and current day predictions, and analyzes the predicted propensity of the similar cases (the difference between the predicted and actual values for the day), providing the resulting weather characteristics of the sunshine volume prediction reliability information. The sunshine predict is also help people to use solar powered portable generator when people travel outside.

Information on any location is sent 4 times a day online.

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