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The Global New Storage Capacity Nearly 2 GW

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 13:59:34
storage capacityAccording to the US clean technology research institutions Navigant Research released the latest report, as of the end of September 2016, the global new storage capacity of nearly 2 GW.

The report said that lifepo4 battery pack more and more welcomed by the energy storage market, only the third quarter, the new lithium-ion battery storage capacity (not including pumped storage power station) the proportion of 83%.

At the same time, distributed energy storage systems are becoming more and more popular in emerging markets by virtue of their more cost-competitive advantages. According to statistics, in 2016, the distributed energy storage capacity accounted for 14% of the world's new storage capacity.

Among them, North America is the largest regional market, followed by the Asia-Pacific region and Western Europe.

In addition, due to technical and cost factors, the use of flow batteries and hybrid battery energy storage system more and more developers of all ages.
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