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The Future Of Electric Vehicle In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 10:08:08

At present, the independent car prices in the domestic market of new energy vehicles have an absolute advantage in the first half of this year, China's new energy vehicle sales charts, sales of the top ten models of all-owned auto companies swept all. Seemingly independent car prices overtaking corners in the hands of victory. However, look at the global market, the probability of winning their own car prices are not so high. 

According to 2016 in the first half of the global car prices of new energy passenger car sales list, BYD to 4.32 million topped the list; Tesla came in second place, 2016 first half of the new energy passenger car sales of 29,400; Nissan Pai In the third, sales of 28,900; BMW followed, to 2.11 million in fourth place; Mitsubishi Motors ranked fifth, sales of 17,700. In the top ten, the autonomous car only accounted for two seats, in addition to BYD, there are eighth in the North steam. The first half of this year's global sales of new energy vehicles in the top five models, Nissan hear the wind to 27,200 in the first row, the second to fifth were Tesla Model S, BYD, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Renault ZOE. From 2016 in the first half of the new energy passenger car sales in various countries, China's new energy passenger car sales the highest, reaching 12.27 million, the United States to 64,000 ranked second, Norway, France, Japan, Germany followed. Thus, independent car enterprises, although in the global new energy vehicles on the stage of a place, but largely rely on China's new energy policy and the domestic market to grow up, the overall and international car prices there is a certain gap.

At present, the world's new energy vehicles in two categories, one is like Tesla, BMW, the brand new positive development of electric vehicles. In addition, the vast majority of the traditional fuel vehicles on the basis of the power system through the modification, transformation from. Wang Xia, chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said at the Guangzhou International Electric Vehicle Industry Summit in 2016: "In the traditional fuel vehicles, we recognize that there is a gap with the world, and in the electric car, we often emphasize our Of the advantages and turn overtaking corners, but we do not have many core technology first-mover advantage, the same gap.Electric vehicles have their own core technologies and problems we need to overcome, especially the lifepo4 battery pack, motor, electronic control, if not We have to integrate the advantages of technology resources around the world, from dependence on policy subsidies to return to rely on technological breakthroughs, cost advantages and model innovation up.

Just get the new energy vehicle production license of the future of the mainland chairman of the group also said that in today's new energy and the Internet this background, the corners do appear, but if not keep up on the straight, not There is the ability and possible overtaking overtaking. "First of all we have to solve in the straight with the not to keep up with the basis of performance in the car, based on driving safety, driving pleasure, based on the quality and reliability can not be done enough good, first with the multinational car prices in the straight to do Was just as good, only on the corner overtaking. "Luchu think so.

In time for the international car prices before the attack, part of the autonomous car prices have been hard skills. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, equipment experts, Guo-Zhen Zhang recently pointed out that the domestic level of new energy vehicles technology significantly improved lifepo4 battery energy density than in 2012 increased by 1.5 times the system prices fell more than 50%.
BYD President Wang Chuanfu this year, said the first financial interview, do not fear and international car giant in the field of new energy vehicles fighting, due to advance layout, BYD batteries, motors, electric control as much as some international car giant and even leading technology , And the existing market economies of scale will be conducive to BYD technology research and development speed and reduce costs.

Current and international car prices in a number of new energy technology competition, its own brand is not necessarily inferior. Changan Automobile Research Institute, vice president of the Hong Tan said that Changan and European parts companies launched 48V hybrid technology, is a very popular technology in Europe, the public and Audi are doing this technology, its related cars in Europe Products will soon be mass production. According to Chang's information, Chang in this area which should be said to go in front, especially in the Chinese market.

However, the current stage of China's new energy vehicle market is a policy-driven market, but also as in the "baby" stage, many autonomous car prices largely rely on policy subsidies "breastfeeding", although in the domestic market to win at the starting line, but the real Of the contest will be in the autonomous car prices "weaned" after. Since 2020, the new energy subsidies may face the cancellation of independent car prices can eventually achieve overtaking corners, the market will give the answer.
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