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The Future Of Aluminum Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 08:44:14
aluminum batteryNew technology traction new industries, aluminum air force industry ready to come out. Deyang, the new energy company responsible person, they are increasing the technology development, and strive to build a large cycle of aluminum fuel industry.

According to reports, according to their current technology, ordinary or even discarded aluminum material can be turned into fuel, to achieve power generation. By-products of solar power batteries discharge aluminum hydroxide can also be used as a large number of metal flame retardants, to achieve recycling. Excess aluminum hydroxide through separation, can produce 30 nm in diameter granular aluminum oxide, green electrolytic aluminum process can be used again to become aluminum fuel, to achieve industrial recycling, promote green development.

Aluminum resource content is much greater than lithium, raw material cost advantage is obvious, "If the industry chain matures, aluminum battery recycling is a business." Wang said that this means that the user runs out of aluminum battery, you can by-product and then Sold to the battery manufacturer, or by a specialized enterprise recycling.

Lifepo4 battery has not yet matured, to "replace" the new products have been capital concerns. It is understood that, in addition to this company Deyang, Yunnan Aluminum shares October 22 announcement, said the company set up a new company, investment and construction of aluminum empty battery industry projects.

Analysis of the industry pointed out that the aluminum battery industry, for the energy industry is a breakthrough in the progress, if the real new energy vehicles, it will be a billion market.

Ouyang Xiaoping said that some European and American countries in 2035 will require all cars to electric vehicles, aluminum air battery if a major breakthrough in this field, the sword refers to the market level is not a problem, but this also requires a process . "

Also in the industry pointed out that the aluminum battery has a "high energy density, safety, recyclable, environmentally friendly non-polluting," the advantages of the future in the field of communications base stations is expected to successfully replace lead-acid batteries, light this field is 100 billion alternative space.

Aluminum fuel cell manufacturers related to the responsible person said, but also to accelerate the engineering and industrialization process, "so that the size of aluminum air cells become smaller, energy density to further enhance.
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