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The First Wind Farm In The World

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-23 18:21:13
Wind farmThe first wind farm in the world - the Hywind Park on the Peterhead coast in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, will try a new offshore wind energy battery storage solution.

Batwind will work with Scottish universities and suppliers, according to a new memorandum of understanding (Stemal) signed in Edinburgh on March 18, between the Scottish government, the Maritime Renewable Energy Catapult (ORE) catapult and Scottish businesses. Battery storage has the potential to mitigate intermittent and optimize output. This can improve efficiency and reduce the cost of offshore wind. Scottish pilots will provide the technical and commercial base for the implementation of Batwind in a full offshore wind farm, opening up new business opportunities in a growing market. "With the development of innovative solar powered portable generator solutions, we can increase the value of wind energy for Statoil and our customers," said Stephen Bull, Senior Vice President, Offshore Wind, Norway's National Offshore Oil Corp. "With Batwind , We can optimize the energy system from the wind farm to the grid.Cell storage is a new application in our offshore wind power portfolio that will help us achieve our profitable growth ambitions in this area. "Statoil will be installed by the end of 2018 A 1MWh lithium battery storage pilot system. This is equal to the battery capacity of more than 2 million iPhone. The pilot will become a part of Hywind Scotland, which is an innovative offshore wind farm, with five floating wind turbines located at 25 km offshore Peterhead. Wind farms are currently under construction and production is expected to begin in the second half of 2017.

A structured program is being established under the MOU to support and finance innovations in battery storage areas between NOC and Scottish industry and academia. This program will be managed by ORE Catapult and Scottish Enterprise. "We are very pleased to have developed and demonstrated this concept in Scotland with huge wind resources, strong academic institutions and an experienced supply chain," Bull said. "The agreement between the National Oil Company, the Scottish government, the ORE catapult and the Scottish enterprise Working together to create new energy solutions for the global marketplace, "said Fergus Ewing, Energy Secretary for Scotland. MoU will allow signatories to work together to develop Batwind battery storage solutions. This will help to maximize the renewable energy generation of Hywind offshore wind farms, while notifying energy storage and demonstrating the technology's ability to support renewable energy in Scotland and internationally. "Carbon Trust's recently developed industry and government reports that if the energy market is properly aware of the benefits of power storage to a broader system, this could result in savings of up to £ 50 per year on average energy bills and systematically save up to $ 2.4 billion annually GBP. "

"Our partnership with NOC is a great opportunity to identify and support areas where Scottish universities and supply chains can contribute and learn from this innovative project, such as lifepo4 battery pack," said Andrew Jamison, ORE Catapult's CEO. The integration of technology innovation is another key element in the future energy mix and will enable Scottish greater penetration of renewable energy technologies and support the development of next generation ideas such as floating wind. "" We are developing a program that will match Scotland's supply chain capabilities and research excellence with the development of innovative battery storage solutions to ensure that Scotland and the UK have a wider range of economic benefits from this vital international project. "Maggie McGinlay, Director of Energy and Clean Technology, Scottish Enterprise, commented : "We have been working with Statoil for many years to provide the Hywind program and are pleased to continue to be involved in the next phase of battery storage innovation, which is an innovation in the energy sector that we are keen to encourage and support as it may help push Scotland Of the industry growth.
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