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The First Solar Storage Power Plant In India

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-23 18:19:18
solar storage power plantAndaman and Nicobar Islands - world-class diving and distant locations in ubiquitous vacationers will soon have other things to boast - the country's first city-scale battery-storage solar power plant.

India's largest generation utility, NTPC, will build two 25 megawatt solar powered portable generator units on the main island of Port Blair, as part of the Narendra Modi government to eliminate pollution from diesel generators, whose main power is now .

The Andaman storage solar power plant scale will provide 24X7 power to the remote areas to open up new roads, which is Narendra Modi government made an important commitment. At present, some remote villages in Ladakh and other mountainous areas have solar power plants, but they are negligible compared to the 11 kW-125 kW capacity.

The energy storage solar power plan is being carried out in the context of a discussion with Petronet LNG, which is a floating facility for converting liquefied natural gas into less polluting fuels, in discussions with Andaman management.

According to the plan agreed between NTPC and Andaman Management, an 8-megawatt plant will be built in Chiria Tapu and another 17-megawatt plant will be built at Manglu Tan. Both locations are on the main island of Port Blair. Both will be linked to the Port Blair grid.

The center, through the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department, will cover 40% of the cost through grants for special areas. The Department has requested NTPC to build a total of 50 megawatts of solar storage capacity in phases.

Officials involved in the project declined to disclose estimated project costs, saying the final costs would be known within the next five to six months. The project is expected to be completed by June 2018, with a 15-month completion schedule.

Because of the high tariffs on storage systems, the government's solar thrusts are focused on non-storage units connected to the grid. But non-storage equipment only in the day when the weather is fine operation, efficiency is about 15-20%. In contrast, the storage system is operated by the inverter and is more stable.
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