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The First Solar Energy Waste Classification Ecological Room

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-14 13:09:19
In the town of North East peak, there is a white two-story magic "sun room", which is the county's first solar powered portable generator energy waste classification ecological room. Recently, this magic "sun room" officially put into use.

It is reported that the "sun room" total investment of 500,000 yuan, covers an area of nearly 300 square meters, from 6 fermentation room and a non-rotable garbage collection room, the use of solar energy technology to refuse garbage garbage harmless , Reduction, resource treatment, to achieve waste turning waste into treasure.
The First Solar Energy Waste Classification Ecological Room
Recently, the reporter went to the town of North East peak in the town of portable solar power generator garbage classification ecological room, one of the fermentation room has been part of the accumulation of peel, leaves and other decomposition of household waste. On the other hand, the sanitation personnel are busy sorting and sorting the collected garbage, and then transporting the decayed garbage along a landslide to the dumping on the second floor.

It is understood that, starting from December 1, the town arranged for a sanitation workers every day from house to house on the pilot community - Hu tiger community residents have been classified collection of garbage, and its further classification. "After the second classification, the sanitation workers will open the fermentation room feed port, the rotable kitchen waste, garbage, such as leaves, peel, etc. into the fermentation room, allowed to ferment in the sun. Donglin Township Office staff Lin Li Bao said, in addition to rotten garbage, the sanitation workers will put those non-rotten garbage, such as glass bottles, mineral water bottles stacked in a large room.

"Garbage easy to decompose in case of high temperature, in the summer generally about 20 days to complete the decay process is expected to deal with rotten garbage about 60 tons, generating about 20 tons of organic fertilizer." Lin Bao told reporters that the use of solar rotten garbage fermentation technology, solar power generator energy Rotten garbage and oxidase high temperature fermentation, accelerate the room decay, the use of organic waste their own biological response of the bacteria, the rotable waste into water and organic fertilizer. "When the rotable waste reaches 0.5 m, 1 m and 1.5 m high, we will add biological bacteria in different stages to speed up the decay process." Lin said that the town will be the final concentration of the residue transported to the nursery , As fertilizer use.

That rotten garbage fermentation process, will produce unpleasant gas, pollute the surrounding environment? In response to this problem, the town has taken the appropriate measures. "You see, each fermentation room has exhaust pipes, we use these exhaust pipes, in which the addition of toner, the use of toner characteristics, to obtain a good odor absorption odor." Lin said, Sun room "around the use of cement to do the whole sealed handle, to achieve" zero emissions. "

In order to give full play to the effect of garbage classification of ecological housing, the town also for the Hu Dou community each household is equipped with a classification of the trash can, so that residents can be classified rotten garbage and non-rotten garbage, 1170 trash has been issued.

However, in the actual operation process, the residents of the self-classification awareness has yet to be strengthened. "Run from the past few days, the residents of the garbage classification awareness is still relatively weak, some residents do in the classification, but the points are not very place." Lin said that the next step they will continue to strengthen propaganda, People can clear the rules of classification, so that the solar garbage room to play its biggest role.
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