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The First New Energy Tracing Train

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-03 09:35:32
tracing trainThis new energy tracing train, composed of two cars, 18 meters long and 2.3 meters wide, designed to look like a giant panda, the overall hanging in a box-shaped track beam, looks a bit like a cable car. 300 meters of the test track beam, about 8 meters from the ground about 10 meters away from the support column in the air. Empty similar to the internal subway, the whole load can carry 220 passengers, the use of the blue tone, there are tips LED signs station, two set cab.

10:30, reporters boarded the empty, empty start experience, slowly moving forward, sitting inside a very smooth, almost can not hear what the noise. But the speed of experience about only about 10 kilometers per hour, driving very slowly. Staff, empty design speed of 60 km per hour, as the test track beam is only 300 meters, coupled with the index before entering the test, which is temporarily not open faster.

"Technically speaking, next year will be able to put into commercial operation." Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, new energy, chief designer of empty iron, Southwest Jiaotong University chief professor Zhai Wanming introduction, this empty train line success means that China has become Germany, Japan After the master of this technology, and the difference between the former two is that this empty combination of new energy technologies, the use of lifePo4 batteries pack as a traction power, no task of high-voltage power transmission equipment, and thus more green, energy saving , Environmental protection. At present, a charge of electricity to continue operating 2-4 hours, set up in the large platform charging pile can be charged at any time.

According to reports, in early 2016, the Empty Iron Group in the years of market research, project demonstration and pre-technology research and development, based on the organization of the parties focus on technical research, traction power from the Southwest Jiaotong University State Key Laboratory, China Railway, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company and other seven large state-owned enterprises collaborative development, set up a new energy empty iron production, learning and research integration platform for collaborative projects, only half a year to complete the design, manufacture, and successfully hang up.

"Vehicle safety is very high, the bogie and lithium battery power package set in a closed box-shaped beam within the beam will not derail." Zhai Wan-ming, the new energy hanging empty car in addition to the largest energy-saving environmental features, Less adaptability, less investment period, the advantages of moderate speed and punctuality, the future can be used for high-speed rail connections between the airport, the city-specific regional transport links, scenic tourist distribution center and the transfer between the entrance and so on. Empty car can be based on actual needs, from 1 to 6 cars, cars were randomly grouped.
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