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The First Large-Scale Chemical Energy Storage National Demonstration Project In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-14 12:41:02

It is reported that the National Energy Bureau recently approved the construction of the first large-scale chemical energy storage national demonstration project, and included in the "China made 2025" project, one of the Dalian liquid flow battery storage peaking power station has made new progress. Dalian and Finland signed the "Sino Finnish enterprises clean energy strategic cooperation agreement" and "Dalian flow battery energy storage heat pump test cycliepowerpower agreement", Finland Olin group will cooperate with the Dalian power group to promote the project construction, high quality and high efficiency.

The First Large-Scale Chemical Energy Storage National Demonstration Project

Dalian in recent years will all vanadium redox flow battery energy storage technology is one of the key development industry, the power plant project started in April 2016, using the technology of all vanadium domestic independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights flow battery, power station will be built in the world's largest vanadium redox flow battery storage. Liaoning power grid is located at the southern end of the Northeast power grid. The former power supply structure is mainly coal-fired power generation units, and the peak load capacity is insufficient. The construction of peaking power station for liquid storage battery energy storage will improve the peaking capacity of Liaoning, especially Dalian power grid, improve the power supply structure, improve the economic performance of the grid, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, peaking power stations also avoid "abandoning the wind and abandoning the light", providing support for large-scale development of new energy sources, such as wind power.
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