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The Energy Storage Industry Will Be The Next Huge Business Opportunity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-08 20:37:43
"Technology is not mature, but I still want to invest." Recently, in the Chinese manufacturing Summit Forum, Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin and par "small goals" of the verse: "Five million ah, not.

So that one trillion Wanda business empire head so optimistic about, in the end what industry? The answer is: energy storage.
The Energy Storage Industry Will Be The Next Huge Business Opportunity
Not just Wang Jianlin, there is another star entrepreneur Dong Mingzhu and large state-owned enterprises CIMC also optimistic about the industry. The three parties jointly invested 3 billion yuan to increase Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. ("Zhuhai Yinlong") to acquire 22.388% equity interest in Zhuhai Yinlong.

For this investment "logic", Wang Jianlin said: from the project's investment prospects, I judge it is promising. Its future I do not think it is in the new energy vehicles, I think more on the solar power batteries energy storage. If the technology is commercialized, the company will double the market value.
The Energy Storage Industry Will Be The Next Huge Business Opportunity
Energy storage industry, the hidden business opportunities really so big? This can not help but people in deep thought. In the PV market has matured, the storage will be the next "outlet" What? What is the energy storage industry excels?

Storage boom: Wang Jianlin see but others can not see the point?

Want to understand the energy storage industry, start with electricity. In short, the main energy storage refers to the energy storage.

China's energy storage market development is relatively late, the renewable energy power generation industry in recent years, large-scale expansion under the support of the Government, of which energy storage technology to become an important support for the regulation of renewable energy stability. Because of this, the original only obscure small supporting energy storage, began to attract attention and lead to investment and development boom.

This boom in the end how hot, we look at a group of companies flocking to the list:

2015 Fujian Lion science and technology force lithium battery new energy industry, a subsidiary of lithium batteries involved in the business. BYD in the overseas exhibition launched a new generation of "can use 50 years" of solar energy storage products, by many customers and visitors sought after.
large  distrubition solar power systems
In June 2016, Xixin integrated fund-raising not more than 33.46 billion yuan, a rich product line, photovoltaic storage is one of the key products.

October, Trina TrinaBEST launched a new generation of residential photovoltaic energy storage system, the second generation of energy storage system will be integrated lithium-ion battery and TrinaBEST AC coupling technology to achieve the combination of energy storage photovoltaic.

In December, Artes launched the latest PVESS photovoltaic energy storage integrated household system solutions, PVESS is the Japanese PV market, high-end products in Japan has a vast market, energy storage photovoltaic work together to the overseas market ......

This is an unknown portable solar power generator energy storage industry, why become the energy "upstart" There is a reason behind this, the answer lies in the current dazzling luminous photovoltaic technology.

The development of photovoltaic has brought many challenges, storage problems, the impact of the grid system, and so on, and energy storage just to fill the gap. As in the "super leader" forum, the solar power market director Zhang Yanhu speech said: energy storage in FM, improve grid stability, micro-network technology, virtual synchronous motor VSG technology has unparalleled advantages.

In addition, coal, wind power and many other shortcomings and disadvantages, which makes the environmental problems in particular, the current energy storage and environmental stability and stability of their own technology, more highly respected.

Sniffed out this new "blue ocean" potential business opportunities, beyond the ordinary people with the vision of business leaders will naturally grasp in time. In real money into the energy storage industry, Wang Jianlin also did not forget to show off a feeling, he said: the role of entrepreneurs is to see other people can not capture the idea, we all say good, certainly not good. Because everyone can see, this is what opportunities? Entrepreneur role is forward-looking, to see other people can not see the point.
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