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The Echelon Utilization of Power Lithium Battery for Electric

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 15:04:26

Theoretically, the electric car lithium battery scrapped, the capacity of less than 80% of the nominal capacity can be re-use or echelon use, they can also be in accordance with the battery capacity, and be used in energy storage projects or related power supply base station As well as street lamps, low-speed electric car body, and finally into the recycling system. The energy storage project most comes from solar energy, it is benefit for solar powered portable generator.


In fact, although the energy storage projects on the single battery density requirements are not as high as the power battery, but a large-scale storage battery energy storage projects, usually up to 100 kilowatts or even megawatts, and a new energy vehicles battery Capacity is generally 10 to 50kwh, the maximum is 100kwh, if you want to power batteries for energy storage, no doubt requires a large number of battery pack, which makes the entire energy storage battery blocks are faced with the difficulties of consistent management, which will affect the whole block The use of energy storage battery projects.


Moreover, the lithium battery industry status, due to different car prices in China's battery line, the battery specifications and evaluation requirements of the different batteries, resulting in too many models of the battery, so that excessive dispersion of production, but also For the echelon use more difficult.


Although the late use of electric vehicles lithium battery there are all kinds of problems and difficulties, but the electric vehicle lithium battery recycling and reuse has become a top priority. In accordance with the thirteen five-year plan, by 2020, the domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles will reach 5 million.


China Automotive Technology and Research Center, according to this forecast, by 2020, China's electric vehicle battery cumulative scrapped volume will reach 12 million -17 million tons of scale. We should establish an effective re-use and recycling mechanism, must not let scrap lithium batteries on our environment cause greater harm.


Lithium battery recycling and re-use, for battery manufacturers should shoulder greater responsibility. Lithium batteries include lifepo4 battery pack. Although the battery manufacturers are now busy expanding capacity, should also be concerned about the recovery of the problem, to study the lithium battery environmental decomposition of the re-use method.


As the technology is not in place, the current re-use of new energy battery business chain has not been perfect, the industry did not form a closed-loop. Now lead-acid batteries, car repair place can be recycled, garbage sorting sites can also be recycled, and why? Because lead-acid recycling is very easy to produce commercial value - take a screwdriver, the waste battery pried open, drained acid, the most valuable platter removed and resold to make money.


Lithium battery why not recycle? Relevant professionals believe that lithium battery recycling process is too complex, directly from the waste lithium battery cathode materials, cathode materials, electrolytes, diaphragms and other high value-added intermediate commercialization is very difficult.


Combined with different manufacturers of lithium battery materials and formulations are not the same, to complete the recovery is not easy. So the battery manufacturers to recover scrap lithium battery is justified, Tesla's own recycling of lithium batteries have a set of treatment methods, does not involve high energy consumption of smelting, can achieve more than 70% of the material re-use, only some of the remaining carbon dioxide, Water and dust, does not contain any other pollutants. This approach is worthy of our reference.

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