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The Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Materials And Components Technology Transfer Fee Up To 100 Million RMB

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-04 21:32:36

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Silicate Research so 100 million yuan transfer fee, the dye-sensitized solar cell materials and components technology transfer to the overall light Shenzhen Precision Automation Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the dye-sensitized solar cell of the large-scale production and industrialization application.

Dye-sensitized solar cell is an imitation of the principle of photosynthesis developed a new type of solar cells, low energy consumption, non-toxic, pollution-free and environment-friendly. Dye-sensitized solar cell materials and devices research is one of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics three major breakthrough directions "five", has now reached the pilot scale. 125 × 125mm² single standardized battery authentication efficiency of 9.7%, 9.2% module efficiency certification; successfully developed the world's first megawatt dye-sensitized solar cell production line, the key material for low-cost mass production; completion of dye-sensitized photovoltaic cell integration curtain demonstration; forming a fairly complete dye-sensitized solar cell of the IP system, more than 50 applications for invention patents, formed to meet industry needs a full set of file system technology, the development of product standards lifepo4 battery, the initial formation of a better standardization system.

After the transfer, the project will set up in Shanghai Jiading Group's headquarters and R & D center, to promote and enlarge the size of the existing sets of technology to promote the industrialization, and to choose the right place to set up manufacturing base in the intelligent building, intelligent transportation, and distribution of Things energy and other areas to promote type dye-sensitized solar cell applications and scale industrialization, and will continue to carry out the new wide spectral response of the solar cell research.
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