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The Development of Electric Vehicles through Balance Electric Car Shelves

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 18:00:29

 The Development of Electric Vehicles through Balance Electric Car Shelves

The end of 2015, the United States occurred in succession from the balance of the car several fires, the Amazon forced all the shelves in the sale of the balance of goods vehicles, which the vast majority of cross-border electricity supplier by sales of China-made car balanced product. Mail requests from the Amazon to the seller shows that if the seller wants to continue to sell the product, you must have the relevant qualification documents or certificates. According to media statistics, the balance of the car in the world's largest electronic business platform frame causing nearly one million products in stock sales can not be normal, economic losses caused by domestic companies close to $ 400 million.


Faced with this new balance of the car industry, just like solar powered battery generator is also a new market encountered a crisis, the United States UL standards development organizations respond quickly took nearly three months to develop a balanced car circuit system safety standards UL2272. The standard execution in February 2016, to sort out the chaos of the industry, promote the balanced and healthy development of the car industry has played a positive role. The balance of the car and machinery falling safety standards (WK54752) ASTM International Standards Organization under development, is an extension of UL2272 electrical safety standards. Both standards complement each other through different aspects together to ensure balanced vehicle product safety and reliability.

 balance car

Same as in recent years developed new industries, shelves storm balanced car should cause reflection battery and electric vehicle industry to LiFEPO4 battery pack. As the saying goes, no rules no standards. For emerging industries, the biggest problem is that after the innovation industry standards. In the balance of the car off the shelf event, if the standards can not be developed and implemented, to ensure the safety of lives and property of the people of the basic premise, the entire balance of the car industry may die in the bud. In contrast battery and electric car industry, its standards and policies are often developed and adjusted when the mouth, what should we get inspiration from the US balance of the car standards as well?


Recently, two US-based standards development organizations (ASTM ISO, UL standards development organization), Resident Representative in the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, on behalf of the US Embassy Standards Office, China International Trade Promotion Committee and other relevant personnel to balance car standards detailed interpretation, and from different angles on the emerging industry standard developed his views. I believe that these experiences have a very good reference for China power battery and electric car industry policies and standards.

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