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The Development Of New Energy Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-13 13:40:19
With the distributed PV micro-grid policy, power demand side management compensation price policy, power supply service market policy, peak load price and compensation policy landing, China's energy storage market business model gradually forming. At the same time, with the low-carbon green energy strategy in advance, a new round of power system reform policy to take root, 2017 storage market is expected to usher in a new round of outbreak.

As the future to promote the development of new energy industry, forward-looking technology, energy storage industry in the new energy grid, electric vehicles, distributed energy systems, household energy storage systems, etc. will play a huge role. In the new energy veteran Li Weichun view, energy storage is the key to new energy into high permeability. How to develop new energy depends on how energy storage can play a role. Of course, solar power batteries energy storage in the future for smart grid construction, especially the energy Internet and green energy management, will play a role in infrastructure, so the new energy really to develop, energy storage is essential.

For the future development trend of energy storage, the National Energy Board issued "on the promotion of energy storage technology and industrial development guidance (draft)" has given a clear answer: energy storage is to promote the main energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy Replacement of key technologies; is to build energy Internet, promote the development of new energy industry, the core foundation; is to enhance the traditional power system flexibility, economy and an important means of security. More noteworthy is that many of the references to energy storage are domestic for the first time.

With the favorable policy of continuous release, in recent years, China's solar power generator energy storage presents a good momentum of development. Can be expected, with the energy storage technology demonstration projects more and more, and show better investment results, the future will attract more investors, the commercialization of energy storage applications will become increasingly urgent. Industry generally predicted that energy storage has been in the market before the eve of the outbreak. In the thirteen five period, the energy storage industry is expected to maintain a healthy and sustainable development trend, breaking the threshold of commercial applications, as the support of the energy revolution, the construction of China's low-carbon green ecosystem of the new force.
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