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The Combination of Solar Panels and Rechargeable Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 11:35:54

Combination of Solar Panels and Rechargeable BatteriesIn the past solar batteries generate electricity through solar panels via wire to store electric energy in batteries. But from solar panel to battery during the conversion, photovoltaic modules easily apply fugitive energy, reduce conversion efficiency. In order to improve this situation of solar powered portable generator, the combination of solar panels and rechargeable batteries into a mixing device by Ohio State University, so that solar panels become a part of the battery, the power can be directly stored in the battery.


This device enables cut 1/4 costs and improve solar storage performance issues exist in long-term. General solar cells, only 80% of electrons can be moved from the solar panels to the battery; With this new design, the light energy is converted directly to electronic in the battery inside, which in nearly 100% efficiency. With light and air can be self-charging solar cells: responsible for capturing light energy of titanium dioxide column and covering the top of the metal mesh, allowing air to flow into the battery from the pores.


Solar battery discharge when inhaled air, charge when exhaled air


Solar Cell is a photoelectric semiconductor slice directly using the portable solar power generator calculation software of solar street lamp configuration, when the sheet absorbs light, the electron from the nucleus is excited into free electrons, form to current and voltage. But we called a solar cell is actually chipset does not have the ability to store electricity, so it need to connect the battery to store electrical. 


The new solar cells will be combined with solar chip and rechargeable battery. Light will enter the solar panels to create electronic mesh, then the oxygen out of the hole through the mesh inside the battery. The electronic release lithium ions and oxygen through chemical decomposition of lithium peroxide, wherein the oxygen released into the air through the holes, and the Li-ion store in the lithium battery, ready to capture electrons to form lithium metal. When the battery is discharged, the chemical reaction is the reaction of lithium metal with oxygen, oxygen is consumed forming lithium peroxide.


The trouble is that the battery is designed to make solar panels are usually solid semiconductor version, it will be blocking air into the LifePO4 batteries pack. Therefore, the study team to mesh titanium metal "permeable mesh solar panels" on the board and on the plant leaf-shaped titanium dioxide column. When titanium dioxide capture light , but also allows air to flow from the pores.

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