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The Charging Pile Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 17:48:51

In charging pile industry "jungle period" in the enterprise, the first priority is to "see", and also to see friends and enemies".


In short, it is necessary to confirm the location of their own in a complex pattern of interests.


No taboo, charging business model is not mature; another is the uncertain interest distribution pattern of the whole industry. The charging pile is like a solar power generator.


Who you are, there will be no conflict of interest, and even friends who can cooperate, and now even the future may become the enemy of the enterprise who is? - to charge the pile of rivers and lakes in the real long-term mix down, to recognize these are particularly important.


Overall, the present situation, charging pile market participants, and the dragons and fishes jumbled together.


To invest a lot of money to "test the water" companies charging pile, when the devaluation of state grid. It was with great enthusiasm and participation of leading the charge pile (station) construction, but China gradually found that invested heavily in the construction of public charging facilities often become a decoration, to recover the investment of the road in sight. By that, China began to abandon the city main battlefield and intercity traffic road charging network attack.

 charging pile industry

In addition to the national grid and its subordinate power equipment enterprise like solar backup generator companies, South Power Grid Corp, car companies, joined the charging pile battle group "national team" and Chinese Putian and three barrels of oil". In addition, there are other central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and even foreign companies have entered the field of charging pile, the number has reached hundreds of.


In the early period of profound lessons, the 2014 national grid, said the social capital to enter the country, Liu Zhenya, chairman of the network position: who is rich, who want to invest, who will vote!".


In the face of this solicitation, many enterprises are difficult to distinguish whether it is a pie or a trap? To see from the enterprise, government and consumers the real interests of all parties, built in the early lead in a number of charging pile (station) is undoubtedly beneficial for all parties, but in the face of many practical problems, who should be the construction of charging pile, and who led the charge carriers pile, and how it can be in the front stage of the massive popularity of electric vehicles have not yet the operation of charging pile, there is still a problem.


From another perspective, the current into the charging pile industry is divided into three categories: 1, with the layout of the first cloud, network resource advantage, both charging enterprises, such as TERUIDE, Kazuma shares aotexun; 2, relying on the grid resources homeopathy, is expected to open up more market share in China the network of enterprises, such as Nari, XJ electric power; 3, to change, to the field of new energy vehicle charging coordinated development, improve the energy cloud network enterprise full dimension layout, such as the sun, the constant electrical power supply.


The positioning of their respective enterprises is different, the entry point is different, the inevitable requirement of the long-term development of the enterprise in this field for the benefit of the pattern of the industry chain has a more clear observation. The industry hidden in the jungle, charging pile industry risk during the Warring States era ". How do you distinguish yourself from your friends and rivals?

 charging pile industry current situation in china

As a well-known domestic power battery and electric car manufacturers, BYD has not found a different stakeholders are willing to accept the business model of charging pile construction. Prior to this, BYD has been trying to cooperate with the national network and South network to speed up the pace of charging pile construction. But in a time of contact and pilot cooperation projects, did not confirm the maturity of the business model and the interests of the split model.


There are business people to the China Energy Network said: "we are more inclined to do charging equipment providers, like solar powered portable generator can provide power for users when they go outside. the other water is too deep, the interests are too complex." The recent new trend is that BYD has achieved all of its property to support the installation of the license of personal charging pile, and is trying to work with Wanda, Hengda so tall on the Commercial Real Estate Co built charging pile. BMW also reached a cooperation with Wanda, vanke. BAIC is a subsidiary of national grid and the Chinese three excellent cooperation, and jointly promote the Beijing in Beijing City, the construction of charging pile layout.


In the cruel market rules, there is no eternal friends, only the interests of forever. The question is, who are your interests related to your interests and may hurt the interests?

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