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The Battery Storage Doesn’t Pay Without Rooftop Solar

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-04 13:50:40
We have found a perpetual profit machine hidden in the grid? Those greedy electricity retailers in the non-peak hours peak hours (right when you're using the most energy efficient), let alone charged power of wealth (when you are asleep).

If you can solar powered protable generator overnight from inexpensive low power charge your battery to provide your needs during peak hours? You make money in their sleep, night after night, guaranteed! Correct?

This concept, called "arbritrage" sounds like a wonderful idea. Seeing you try to do a little coin, financial equation is: I can make enough money to payback from the investment cost in my battery?

In this article we will use PVsell software to answer this question. We will use Ausgrid network, for example, charges 52.8c / kWh peak (2-8pm weekdays) in the country of origin, shoulder 21.5c / kWh (7 am-2pm; 8 pm-10pm weekdays, 7 AM-10PM weekend ) and 13.2c / kWh off-peak. We will use LG cell volume 6.4KWh cost $ 11000, we will first only during the peak discharge.

The following PVsell dashboard shows the results from this arbitrage financial savings are very reasonable - we can be $ 519, saving 27%, in order to reduce our electricity bills. But that was not enough to save, at any reasonable time to pay for the battery - the payback period is 21 years.

However, also it shows a possible reason: the sample stream savings pane (bottom left) tells us that we can not fully discharge the battery every day. On the day, the portable solar power generator we still have 40% of its energy consumption, surplus. Grid independent KPI pane displays the day 84% of our remaining in the battery at the end of the day some of the spare capacity, which means that some of our investment is wasted.
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