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The Advantage Of Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-03 12:34:00
Solar power generation converts solar energy directly into electrical energy, does not consume fuel, does not pollute the environment, does not produce noise, does not produce radiation that is harmful to human safety, and is a green clean energy. Solar energy resources are widely distributed and are inexhaustible resources.
The Advantage Of Solar Power Generation
Compared with traditional thermal power generation and new wind power and nuclear power generation, solar power generation is the most ideal sustainable renewable energy power generation technology. Its advantages are as follows:

Wide distribution of solar resources: inexhaustible and inexhaustible

Solar energy is the energy generated by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction process inside the sun. Although the solar radiation to the outside of the Earth's atmosphere is only one-billionth of its total radiant energy (about 3.75×10^14 tw), its radiant energy. The amount has reached 1.73 × 10 ^ 5 tw, that is, the energy projected by the sun to the earth per second is equivalent to 5.9 × 10 ^ 6 tons of coal.

Solar energy that hits the Earth is 6000 times greater than the energy currently consumed by humans. Moreover, solar energy is widely distributed on the earth, and solar power generation systems can be used as long as there is light, regardless of geographical and altitude factors.

Roof photovoltaic power station avoids losses caused by long-distance transmission

Solar energy resources are available everywhere, and can be powered nearby. It does not have to be transported over long distances, avoiding the loss of electrical energy caused by long-distance transmission lines.

Roof photovoltaic power generation conversion process is simple

Roof photovoltaic power generation is a direct conversion from light energy to electrical energy. There is no intermediate process (such as conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy, conversion of mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical motion, and there is no mechanical wear.

According to thermodynamic analysis, solar power generation has a high theoretical power generation efficiency, reaching more than 80%, and the technology development potential is huge.

Roof photovoltaic power generation clean and environmentally friendly

Roof photovoltaic power generation itself does not use fuel, does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases and other exhaust gases, does not pollute the air, does not produce noise, does not produce vibration pollution, and does not produce radiation harmful to human health.

It will not suffer from the impact of energy crisis or unstable fuel market, and it is a new green renewable energy source.

Roof photovoltaic system is stable and reliable

Crystalline silicon solar cells can last up to 20 to 35 years. In the solar power generation system, as long as the design is reasonable, the selection is appropriate, and the service life is long (more than 30 years).

Roof photovoltaic power plants do not need to be guarded

The roof photovoltaic power station generates no mechanical transmission parts, which is easy to operate and maintain, and its operation is stable and reliable. A solar power system can generate electricity as long as it has solar modules, and the adoption of automatic control technology has achieved unattended operation and low maintenance costs.

Roof photovoltaic power station is easy to transport and install

The solar cell module is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, and convenient for transportation and installation. The solar power generation system has a short construction period, and it can be large or small according to the power load capacity, convenient and flexible, and easy to combine and expand.

National policy support

In terms of subsidies, industrial and industrial distributed photovoltaic power plants and household photovoltaic power plants can receive a state subsidy of 0.37 yuan for each power generation, and subsidies for 20 years. In addition, there are corresponding subsidy policies in various places (WeChat responds to “subsidies” to obtain the latest local subsidy information), and the income has increased significantly.

Because the rooftop photovoltaic power station does not occupy the existing land, but also makes full use of the idle resources of the building, it has received strong support from the national policy.
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