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Texas Turning To Solar And Wind Energy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2019-01-01 12:35:13
For several generations, Texas has been a stable producer of fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil. Now, professors at Rice University in Houston say the state's unique positioning is completely turning to solar and wind.

A new study by professors Joanna H. Slusarewicz and Daniel S. Cohan shows that the state's geographic location is particularly suitable for renewable energy. They cite the winds of West Texas and the southern Gulf Coast, as well as the full solar potential of the state.
Texas Turning To Solar And Wind Energy
Dan Cohan, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Rice University, said in a press statement: "There is no place in the world that is better suited to no coal operations than Texas." "Wind and solar power generation solar energy can easily solve this problem."

As for reliability issues, the study set the state's current energy standards. Based on previous data, they stated that “after considering regular maintenance and unscheduled maintenance or power outages, coal-fired power plants usually have 87.5% of the time available.” Then, the solar and wind energy benchmarks will be the same as 87.5% or higher. availability.

The study found that wind energy combined with solar energy in western Texas alone could provide "the highest level of corporate capacity, reaching a threshold of 87.5%." At the daily level, all three power supplies are regularly trade-offs - solar energy during the day, southern Texas winds later in the afternoon, and West Texas winds at night.

Texas currently ranks first in terms of crude oil and natural gas consumption and sixth in terms of coal consumption. It is also the largest wind energy consumer in the 50 states, generating about 18% of energy through wind energy. This wind consumption is partly consistent with the study - mainly based in western Texas - but it is currently overwhelming the infrastructure that absorbs it.

Studies have shown that while Texas has a lot of room to expand to the Gulf Coast, the biggest potential area for growth is solar energy. Texas produces only 2.4% of its energy from solar photovoltaics, and is smaller than other states of similar size and population, such as California.
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