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Testing the PV Array Before Use

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-04 11:33:17
Electrical performance testing of photovoltaic modules

PV cell components should generally be in the specified light source spectrum, the standard irradiance and a certain battery temperature <25 °> conditions, in a dedicated tester on the photovoltaic cell open circuit voltage, short circuit current, volt-ampere characteristic curve, fill factor And the maximum output power, etc., but in the absence of the above conditions can be tested using the following method. No dedicated test equipment, you can use a multimeter to the rough measurement of solar power batteries components, that is better in the outdoors under the sun, with the voltage file directly connected to positive and negative open-circuit voltage measurement, measured with the current profile of the short-circuit current.

According to the known short-circuit current and the solar irradiance of the corresponding relationship, according to the measured short-circuit current, the projected solar radiation at the time of the solar radiation of the solar radiation, And then a variable resistor or a suitable resistor in series with the component so that the voltage close to the operating voltage, then the current can reflect the performance of components, when the voltage and current products close to the power of the component. This method is useful in variable outdoor sunlight conditions. In addition to the above measurement items, there are high-voltage electrical insulation properties. Simple method for measuring electrical insulation: Measure with 500 or 1000 insulation resistance meters. Insulation resistance of one end of the table connected to the electrode solar powered portable generator, the other end connected to the metal frame components, insulation resistance table shows the resistance should not be less than 501 and close to infinity.
Environmental testing of photovoltaic modules

The photovoltaic modules used on the ground are exposed to sunlight for a long time and are directly exposed to the local natural environment. Such factors are environmental, meteorological and mechanical. Meteorological factors are light, temperature, rain, snow, frost, ice and wind. Environmental factors in the air of water vapor, corrosive gases, dust, guano and so on. Mechanical factors There are components in the use, installation, transportation and storage process, may be friction, vibration and impact of the role of a variety of mechanical forces and hail blow. There are two methods for environmental assessment and life testing of components. First, the field test method; Second, environmental simulation test method. Field test method that the components of the long-term exposure to the natural environment, regular observation and measurement of child electrical performance parameters, check the components, materials, aging and electrical degradation of the situation solar powered portable generator. This method of test costs less, easy to implement solar power batteries, electrical performance testing equipment is relatively simple, but the test cycle is too long in the near future can not be drawn or can not clearly show the test results. The test results obtained can only reflect the results of environmental conditions in a region, can not represent the operation of other environmental conditions.

Environmental simulation test method is to use artificial methods to create the natural environment in a variety of typical conditions, the components of the test and performance checks. In order to shorten the test cycle and accelerate the test results, the test conditions can be doubled according to actual conditions, that is, multiply the actual conditions by an "acceleration factor." Environmental simulation test method of comprehensive environmental factors solar power batteries, the test cycle is short. Most of the photovoltaic cells to be used in outdoor weeping period, its high performance requirements of the weathering, national standards, the solar powered portable generator components to conduct outdoor exposure test, hot spot durability test, UV test, thermal cycling test, wet-cold test, Wet-heat test, lead end strength test, twist test, mechanical load test and hail test. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California