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Tesla's Trouble After Publish Product

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 18:53:27

If before the product launch, Mask only to respond to investors discerning eye, then in the growth and development and launch products, in the face of investors and users have become equally important.

 Tesla's Trouble After Publish

The first intimate contact with the user, to make impressive musk.


In 2008, held in Losangeles meeting with clients, angry participants met in musk. Because there is no preparation, the siege was besieged, almost fainted at the scene. The media reports said, musk will enhance Roadster price to $110 thousand, than the original $100 thousand price much higher. Users do not want to accept Tesla's arrangement, so use action to protest musk.

To calm the mood of the user, the best way is the price down to $100 thousand. However, according to the price list provided by Tesla shows that the cost of Roadster has been as high as $120 thousand. According to the sales price of $110 thousand, Tesla is still peibenzhuanyaohe. This time, the market has brought new challenges to musk.


Let the product price adjustment to the user's expectations, Tesla need to reduce product from development to the cost of production, but this is contrary to the values of musk. Musk has always been convinced that only to ensure stable and sustained investment in research and development, to ensure the good experience of the product, therefore did not move for all pressure. Adequate technical reserves are a prerequisite for success, and Tesla's development must be subordinated to this point. Therefore, in Musk's insistence, new product pricing and no adjustment.


In a letter to shareholders, talking about whether can reduce the R & D investment to reduce cost, simple and firm Mask replies: "between excellent products and dazzling quarter performance, we will choose the former".


Musk stick, will soon get a positive response of the market. Users see a good enough product, and therefore willing to pay for the quality of products. From 2008 available to 2012 production, Roadster sold a total of about 2250, which is just a mature, and the price of up to $109000 for the high-end sports car, it has been very difficult.


In 2014, in the North American and European markets, make a decision: musk Tesla's next step is to develop a comprehensive China market.


In the layout planning of musk, estimated China area sales accounted to 30% of total sales to 35% Tesla, the market capacity is already a conservative estimate. The rapid growth of the electric car market is predictable, rooted in the Chinese market is very important. "Tesla sales in Chinese will soon par with the United States, Tesla will consider the China factory production." China has big market capacity, just like solar power generator fields prosperous, when it comes to Chinese market, aspiring musk.

solar generator

Musk judgment with numerous market electric car manufacturers agree, but like other manufacturers, we do not know where the starting point of growth, some electric car use lifepo4 batteries now.


According to Tesla's plan, if Chinese district sales accounted for 30% to 35%, and the total score in 2013 global 22 thousand and 300 calculation, before the end of 2014, at least 1.4 to 17 thousand Tesla sales of new cars in China; however, statistics show that in 2014 total sales of 31 thousand and 600 vehicles Model S Tesla, China district only contributed 3500 sales. These two sets of data to the expected drop too musk.


Tesla is necessary to continue to adhere to it in China? Throughout the rest of the world to the contribution of other markets, North America, Oceania and Europe and other places of performance significantly better than expected, the user's attitude towards Tesla is also increasingly positive. Musk can not focus too much on Chinese market, in favor of overweight in other regions, can achieve steady growth.


However, rooted in the Chinese market is the initial set of goals, do not intend to change the original intention. 2013, China's car sales in the Chinese market as high as 21 million 980 thousand, accounting for less than 2/1000 of the electric car. Mask believes that with the changes in the living environment and the user's cognitive adjustment, there will be more people to accept, and even take the initiative to buy electric cars. Tesla to do is to enter the market before this, and to clean up electric vehicles may have to face the problem.


Then, start to adjust the musk personnel and business district comprehensive Chinese. Only one purpose, with the fastest speed in the area where China stabilize tesla. In April 2014, in order to boost car sales of Tesla, musk let Wu Bixuan take over the work of Zheng Shunjing, and through the "sales" and "home sales in two modes, let Model S in China District Tesla delivered up to 3500 car.


In the sense of charging pile construction has become the main obstacle to the development of Tesla, Mask also enabled Zhu Xiaotong. A third CEO before, Zhu Xiaotong in the more than and 60 city built more than 600 destination charge pile; later, Zhu Xiaotong led the team to complete the super charging Beijing to Shanghai along the 10 city stations deployed in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region key city, Mount Emei, Qingchengshan, Mount Putuo charging network three scenic the area is also gradually formed.


Actively adjust the results quickly. Today, Tesla has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing and other cities built more than 11 super charging stations, 32 cities and regions in the country to build more than and 200 charging pile, the charging station can produce energy, like solar backup generator charge for solar home systems. In the first quarter of 2016, Tesla's total shipments reached 14820 units, an increase of 50%, the performance of China also began to gradually improve. But musk is still waiting, waiting for everything to the quantitative change, and ultimately enhance the quality Chinese vehicle sales area.

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