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Tesla Will Build The World's Largest Energy Storage Battery Pack

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:28:23
For one of the world's most important energy sources, its biggest drawback is that it can not be large-scale storage, energy output from the power plant after the use of the used, useless can not be like water, natural gas get hold of the same Container Tuen next re-use, which also led to the non-peak solar power generator when the surplus, a lot of energy is wasted. To solve this problem, long-term commitment to solve the problem of new energy Tesla again shot. Tesla recently announced that its battery packs for businesses were recently selected during the tender process, which will be used in the public grid storage system in southern California to power users when the grid is running low.
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The energy storage battery system is completed, fully charged energy can be more than 2,500 families a day to storage enough power, or for the two 1000 Tesla electric vehicle charging. It is understood that the system will be in the non-peak hours through the public power grid charging, and then the peak power supply or power failure when the power supply. On the one hand to ensure the Southern California power infrastructure normal and reliable operation, on the other hand to a certain extent, energy conservation, reduce the demand for fossil fuel power generation. According to the tender requirements, the energy storage system will be put into operation on December 31 this year. Tesla said that with Tesla super lithium-ion battery factory of large-scale production capacity, can be completed within 3 months of energy storage system production, delivery and installation, and put into use on time.

The energy storage system is completed will become the world's largest lithium battery energy storage projects. Battery pack energy storage system is in April last year, Tesla launched a business battery pack products for enterprises to provide alternative sources of energy. The battery pack can be modular expansion based on on-site space, power requirements and energy storage requirements. With the enhancement of people's energy awareness, the battery energy storage is also more and more attention in the next few years, the battery energy storage growth will also be considerable, to promote battery storage in line with Tesla from electric vehicle manufacturers to clean Long - term Planning for Energy Company.

At the same time Tesla also provides a set of industrial power system Powerpack, which can be regarded as an enlarged version of the power wall, can store 100 degrees of electricity, and can be expanded to 500 kWh and even 10,000 kWh. At present, the Walmart supermarket in California has been in the trial of this system. Simply put, the two products are rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Both in the usual through the solar energy storage charge, you can also charge through the access to the general grid, but also at home to reach the peak, the embodiment of a huge charge Po. The Tesla Powerwall wall-in-the-wall battery, in addition to a huge lithium battery pack, includes a liquid thermal control system and software that can receive solar inverter signal conditioning at all times, along with a roof-mounted solar Board use, the storage of energy can be entirely from the solar energy.
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Taking the peak load and valley filling function of the solar energy storage system as an example to illustrate the control algorithm, the first is to predict the daily load curve, the optimal charge and discharge strategy for 24h, that is, whether the battery charge and discharge, charge and discharge Power size for how much. The second is the real-time control, according to the optimization and charging strategy given recently, as well as the current load values, battery status and other data, calculate the charge and discharge power instruction and issued to each battery. The simpler peak-shaving method is based on the constant power charge-discharge mode, which means that the battery storage power station is charged and discharged at a constant power during the charge-discharge period. Constant power charge and discharge method to achieve the general steps are: According to the battery capacity S and set the charge and discharge power P, to calculate the total charge time and total discharge time T = S / P. Then the load curve to find the minimum load point and load the maximum point, to determine the good charge and discharge time T.

If it is necessary to flexibly formulate the operation strategy of the energy storage station according to the actual situation, and to achieve reasonable and accurate, we need to adopt the peak load and discharge method based on the power difference. According to the existing load forecasting curve, considering the limitation of the battery capacity and the charge and discharge power, the charging and discharging power limit of the peak load and valley load is determined first, and then compared with the predicted load power curve. The charge and discharge power in each time period can be determined.

Battery module group In the series-parallel process, because the series of batteries at the same time through the charge or discharge, so the battery in series process consistency is very important. In the parallel use, the charge and discharge process of power change, starting and stopping and other protective mechanisms play a role, there will be mutual parallel modules, such as the impact of each other and so on. Therefore, transit energy storage battery system to consider the points are:

(1) whether the single battery can meet the performance requirements of the working process; (2) the battery module, the entire battery between the consistency requirements; (3) single battery and battery module can meet the charge and discharge process power (4) whether the internal mechanism of the battery can meet the above-mentioned process performance requirements when the battery changes with the passage of time; (4) when the battery changes with the use of time, the internal mechanism changes, whether to meet the above process performance requirements; 5) using the first string and then or after the first and string, first and how much, and then how much string, and finally how much ...
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Tesla gives the ideal state is that when the energy storage batteries access to the local grid, you can always excess power in the peak period of input power grid, while users can also flexibly dominate, if necessary, from the grid before the output power back . This aspect can effectively alleviate the pressure of the peak period of the power grid, but also for the consumer to save a lot of electricity costs. If desired, users can no longer use the grid service.

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