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Tesla Solar Car Roof in The End ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-10 14:35:26
Solar roof, skylights this configuration is actually very early in science and technology highly developed today, what is not high-tech.

Solar energy for the car ventilation

As early as a decade ago the first generation of Audi A6 Allroad also used the solar skylight, while the function is only to the blower power supply. After the top with Hao Rui, Mercedes-Benz W211 the E240, Toyota Prius is also equipped with solar energy roof, and the function is only used to ventilate the car. The purpose is to solve the problem of prolonged exposure to the temperature inside the car is too high. The basic principle is very simple, is to use solar panels to the solar power supply, rather than let air conditioning compressor operation. In this way, even if the car does not start, you can also achieve the purpose of temperature control. In other words, the solar roof was originally only as part of the vehicle ventilation system exists. Because the solar panels that power, this solar power batteries power can only be used to pass the car ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration are not realistic.
Solar energy for new energy vehicles

Of course, the use of roof solar panels to the new energy vehicles are also examples of charging, BYD had dual-mode hybrid car F3DM has been equipped with a solar panel, the area relative to the Prius and Hao Rui larger. It is said that the cost of this configuration is twenty thousand. But relative to the high cost, BYD F3DM solar roof theoretically only a day to charge the battery pack only 3-5%. This is clearly a drop in the bucket.
Tesla will also switch to solar roof

Tesla's upcoming Model 3 model is likely to use the new solar car roof technology. The roof of this solar technology is likely to be a new Tesla developed embedded solar power batteries, "Tesla glass", its function is to collect solar power to generator electricity for some of the car's electronic components.

This "Tesla glass" technology, is likely to be a folding design, for example, it can be made into a folding hard top convertible models, so the price, compared to the general solar panels is a lot of expensive.
Solar roof, more of a symbolic significance

Prior to the Prius chief engineer Toyoshima has said that after the installation of a solar panel, up to 10% of the fuel efficiency. But this figure is in direct sunlight, not cloudy, no haze in the case of collection. For the growth in the haze of us, the use of solar energy in the city the actual effect, we can imagine.

Although, we do not know Tesla the use of the solar skylight of the actual results. However, for the past, limited by high cost and low productivity, solar panels generally only appear in the high-allocation models, but not gradually become popular. So the configuration of environmental feelings, largely just to enhance the brand image and the existence of a sense of automotive technology. The benefits of this technology are well known, but the application of solar power technology in automobiles is limited by the development of basic science and has not brought significant benefits to people.
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