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Tesla musk storage Kingdom: lithium battery and solar cell

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 19:26:07

Matter, energy and information, this is the most important thing for three people. Information is the ultimate entrance of the human body, the ultimate means of material processing is likely to be nano manufacturing, today, in terms of energy.


Nuclear fusion is considered to be the best source of energy, the major countries have invested a large amount of funding for the development of artificial sun". Musk Elon said at the press conference: "we have a nuclear fusion reactor that can be used at any time, every day will release a huge amount of energy to the earth". General family sooner or later, large power consumption, is not consistent with the sun, so the solar power battery and low cost to fill the gaps.

peak solar

At the end of March this year the total solar eclipse caused the energy crisis in Germany, because German solar energy provides 18% power, photovoltaic power generation was the highest up to the maximum power consumption of more than half, a total solar eclipse for the German grid impact equivalent to 10 nuclear power plants at the same time out of operation. Although the last coordinate in the whole of Europe power grid, by regulating the standby unit successfully weathered the storm, but the incident also reflects the need for grid storage, because solar power proportion will continue to increase.


With Tesla energy wall (Powerwall) release, we can see that the Tesla electric car, Tesla energy and SolarCity together constitute a closed loop from energy production, energy storage and energy consumption, to change the energy structure of the United States, Elon Musk said: "our goal is to radically change the world energy use the way." While BYD and BYD is competing with Tesla, "three green energy dream: electric cars, solar and energy storage power station layout is exactly the same with Elon Musk.

Musk behind this piece of PPT, solar power generator and storage of electricity from the left to the right of the three links, far-reaching significance


Tesla from the first model Roadster to the current S Model transformation in 4 years, the cost of the battery group has declined by about 44%, and will continue to decline. Tesla's world's largest Gigafactory (Gigabit plant) will be in 2017 production, the 2020 Gigafactory lithium battery production will exceed the world's lithium battery production in 2013 and. The cost per kilowatt hour will be reduced by more than 30%.

global production

In the world, the production of the main battery manufacturers, the most on the right side is the production of Gigafactory.


The Musk conference also mentioned that the current building is only the first version of Gigafactory, a huge Gigafactory product itself is Tesla, the future will build more Gigafactory, and not a Tesla completed, once again open the right to use the patent policy also applies to products such as Gigafactory.


The solar backup generator industry is in the law of the Swanson's Law: the cost of photovoltaic cells will fall by 20% when the output is up to 3 times. Therefore, in the photovoltaic industry chain downstream, no R & D capability of the solar energy service provider SolarCity spent $350 million acquisition of photovoltaic technology and manufacturing company Silevo, and plans to build the 1GW factory in New York, the realization of the goal of the annual 1GW solar module shipments. Silevo has a high technology content, less competitive N single crystal battery technology.


It can be seen that the Musk in lithium batteries and solar cells are exactly the same strategy, the U.S. government to revive the U.S. manufacturing sector in response to the call, and for the local government preferential policies, raise the scale capacity down cost. Of course, the difference is that due to the presence of the vast number of Chinese PV manufacturers, 1GW SolarCity factory is difficult to obtain an overwhelming position like Tesla Gigafactory, there is no need to open photovoltaic related patents. For example, not long ago, and the "First Financial Daily" in terms of capital operation problems and disputes arising from the hina film solar module production capacity has reached 3GW.


The Rocky Mountain Institute and CohnReznick HOMER Energy on Tuesday released "economic analysis" load off network reported that at a higher price in Hawaii, photovoltaic energy storage grid + + mode is much more economical than relying solely on the power grid, in the next 10-15 years, the other 3 areas including California, New York and Texas, will reach this level.


It was suggested that the Powerwall product line should belong to SolarCity rather than Motors Tesla. The Powerwall itself is a lithium battery products and solar necessities, has dual attributes, but essentially Powerwall is a lithium battery products, so it should belong to Tesla Motors, because the essence than Tesla electric car manufacturer, with lithium battery manufacturers to describe more appropriate, Tesla does not produce electricity and electricity industry is stored. In addition, the future of a large number of cars in the future will continue to recover a large number of cars will continue to play waste heat Tesla energy.

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