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Tesla lithium battery pack will be used in California power grid energy storage system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 18:06:08

Announced that the U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla before its battery for power enterprise products group recently in the bidding process is selected, will be used for the public power grid solar power generator system in the southern state of California, in order to power grid when the power is not enough power to users. This will become the world's largest lithium ion battery energy storage project.

Tesla said 15 days, it will cooperate with Edison south of California power supply company, Mira provided a 20 megawatt substation Loma /80 megawatt hours "power group" system. This system in non public power by charging when the demand for electricity supply in peak electricity or power outage, in order to ensure the reliable running of southern California Edison power company electric power infrastructure, and to reduce the demand for fossil fuel for power generation.


According to the tender requirements, the energy storage system will be put into operation before December 31st this year. Tesla said that by virtue of the mass production of Tesla super lithium-ion battery factory, can be completed within 3 months of the production, delivery and installation of the energy storage system, and put into use on time.


Tesla said that after the completion of the energy storage system, full of electricity stored energy enough to provide a day of electricity to more than 2 thousand and 500 families, or 1000 Tesla electric car charging.


In April last year, Tesla launched the enterprise with the battery group, power group, as an alternative source of power for enterprises. "Power group" can be based on site space, power supply requirements and storage requirements for modular expansion. The promotion of battery energy storage in accordance with the company's long-term plan from electric vehicle manufacturers to clean energy companies.


From the public power grid to the end user, the battery is rapidly becoming the main form of solar backup generator. A report that the battery energy storage market will be in the next five to two years, the rapid growth, and utilities may play an important role in promoting.

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