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Tesla and SolarCity "two-pronged" will bring surprises?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 15:27:30

October 28, Tesla finally in Los Angeles opened the mystery of the solar roof. The event also has solar energy company SolarCity participation. Once Tesla and SolarCity "two-pronged", then the two companies for our future what kind of change? If the board of directors of investors have no objection, then we will soon be able to witness the acquisition of Tesla SolarCity. We know that Tesla's new rooftop incorporates solar panels and incorporates the Powerwall 2.0 household solar power batteries and the Tesla charger, which Mask said in an interview, but the details are not known.


Solar roofs


Mask has repeatedly mentioned the solar roof project, and initially he mentioned in the SolarCity conference call, and later said on Twitter. Recently, in the Oct. 26 Tesla earnings conference call he once again referred to the project. The launch of the solar roof is different from SolarCity to provide solar panels, because the introduction of solar roof is intended to replace the traditional roof materials, rather than adding solar roofs in the traditional roof. Mask says that means the solar roof will not be a retrofit facility, and is better suited for new or planned replacement homes.


Speaking at a profit-making conference Tuesday at Tesla, Musk said he was confident that solar roofing materials would look much better than traditional roofing materials. He even joked: "You will be Friday's solar roof debut to shock, which even exceeded my own expectations." Finally, he "solar roof is really good," the end of the interview, you want to stay suspense, retain more surprises.


Mask's initial goal was to replace 5 million traditional roofs in the United States with Tesla's solar roofs, but that was only part of his master plan. "To provide solar energy" has always been one of his goals. In July, the second phase of the plan is to use seamless integration of energy storage equipment to build solar roofs. 


Powerwall 2.0


This refers to the Powerwall 2.0, the second phase of the plan in the energy storage battery in solar power generator. Tesla first generation of energy storage battery Powerwall debut dates back to April 2015. As a household energy storage battery, priced at $ 3,000 and $ 3,500 Powerwall, respectively, can provide 7kWh or 10 kWh of electricity.


Powerwall is expected to appear on Friday improved version of the first generation of Powerwall than the more flat. According to Electrek reports, a new generation of Powerwall will be on display in the Tesla store and sold, and will not be sold exclusively by the distributor. Electrek previously reported that Tesla plans to double the storage capacity of the new version of the battery pack, power output will be improved.


If Tesla is able to increase its energy storage with almost constant cost, this will be a huge achievement. It can also boost the sales of Powerwall and increase the number of potential consumers. Energy storage capacity is a key factor in a self-sufficient home solar cell system. The greater the energy storage, this will ensure that your Tesla vehicles can take full advantage of solar generator.


Tesla charger


The new charger may be embedded directly in the Powerwall 2.0, it can speed up the charge speed (specific acceleration depends on the charger to obtain and provide current situation).


Electrek speculates that there is a possibility that the charger acts as a virtual extension to the Powerwall, which can re-enter the energy into the grid. For example, when the home power outage, then the role of Tesla charger is far greater than its role in the car.


Tesla had previously warned a charger prototype, which is a use of robotic arm to automatically find the Tesla charging port and insert the charger. In August 2015 the company gives the relevant video presentation, we no longer heard the news. However, Musk recently posted the video on Twitter, although it was talking about a fully automated Tesla car with a new set of sensors, how the car after the car in the United States on-demand automatic driving.


We are looking forward to today's event, this snake-shaped charger can be exposed, but so far we have not received obvious news.


This is probably the best opportunity to see the general planning of Elon Musk, and the event is definitely worth the wait.

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