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Tesla Will Open Purchase Sources

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-11-23 10:19:39
According to the "Nikkei Business News" Chinese website reported on November 21, Tesla "is likely to be purchased locally (a battery) from a number of companies including Panasonic." In early November, for Tesla's pure electric vehicle factory in Shanghai, China, Musk suggested on Twitter that it might purchase batteries from a number of companies. Now, all of Tesla's batteries for pure electric vehicles come from Panasonic. For both parties, Tesla turned to purchase batteries from a number of companies is expected, but this has a small impact on Panasonic.
Tesla Will Open Purchase Sources
According to the report, Matsushita Masahiro, at the end of October’s earnings report, stressed that the US battery plant, which is jointly operated with Tesla, stressed that “the production capacity will increase to 20% (equivalent to full-load production). Giva Time (GWh). At the same time, it said that in the future, "will keep pace with Tesla and discuss further investment in North America", which is full of enthusiasm.

The report pointed out that Panasonic is further strengthening its response to Tesla. In April 2019, the in-vehicle business company that deviated from Tesla's battery business will be transferred to the newly established US company in the same month. Mass production of Tesla's new model "Model 3" is on track, and in order to promote the next investment, Panasonic is accelerating the relationship.

Regarding Musk's suggestion, Matsushita's car business company president Ito Hiroshi said, "It is impossible to meet the huge demand for automotive batteries with just one company. Tesla will start consultations in the future, but envisage various options."

According to the report, in addition to supplying batteries to Tesla's pure electric vehicles, Panasonic also supplies batteries to electric vehicles such as hybrid vehicles (HVs). However, a related person revealed that "the car battery can fully guarantee the profitability only for the supply of Tesla." Tesla produces high-end cars, and each car uses a large battery capacity, making it easy for Panasonic to ensure profit margins. On the other hand, it is said that it is difficult to ensure battery profitability in the passenger vehicle field such as a hybrid vehicle.

According to the report, if Tesla changed the battery used in China to purchase from a number of companies, Panasonic may have price competition with other companies.

According to reports, in addition to Tesla, Panasonic is also rapidly strengthening cooperation with Toyota. The two sides have already cooperated in the field of hybrid vehicle batteries, and in December 2017, they announced the further cooperation with large-capacity batteries and new-generation batteries for pure electric vehicles.

However, battery supply for Tesla is one of the pillars of growth strategy for Panasonic. According to Tesla's movements, Panasonic may be greatly affected.
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