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Tesla-SolarCity Put Solar-Powered Battery In Home

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 11:11:17

Years ago, Tesla Motors announced plans to build the production of a large number of batteries for its Gigafactory, the old saying, "if you want to do the right thing, do your own."

By electric car batteries, Tesla used to buy, chief executive officer Musk Elon to take the strategy proposed by the famous Ford Henry - to create a vertical multi stage production of Insolar batterytegrated Company control. By integrating the "backward" into its supply chain, musk bet Tesla can improve the performance and reduce the cost of the solar powered protable generator battery, its vehicles.

Now, musk hopes similar Tesla SolarCity, but slightly different twist.

SolarCity is one of the largest photovoltaic panels installed, with 300000 residential, 27 state commercial and industrial customers. The proposed merger with SolarCity will vertically integrate Tesla forward, rather than backward, into the supply chain. That is to say, when people come to the Tesla store to buy a car, they will be able to arrange the installation of solar panels and potential home batteries.
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