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Tesla Solar To Walk Through Apple Inc. Success Path

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 14:55:26
teslaElon Musk is aiming to change the problem of installing solar panels just as how Apple changed the world of electronics. Tesla Motors Inc. bids on buying the biggest United States Rooftop solar installer to solve the next solar boom issues.

Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, stated his plan to acquire SolarCity Inc. despite the negative comments that his plan will bankrupt the car company Tesla Solarmay change the power sector according to a few experts as Tesla is not just a car company but a battery company that plans to linking solar energy power with electric car use, CNBC reported. Solar energy power is always for solar power portable generator.

In the Brooklyn Red Hook community, Tesla built their outpost where customers can stay and sip free espresso and talk about cars. People go to be educated about electric vehicles through allowing people in their showrooms to personally feel the Tesla experience before purchasing one.

Tesla aims to bring down the cost of battery packs down from $1,000 to almost $100 per kWh By 2020. Recently, it has been predicted that a Tesla Powerwall battery could amount to $640 to produce. However, with Tesla Solar, the costs will be minimalbecause standardization of the battery installation in solar projects will be established. As solar power spreads, it minimizes the metering rules of electricity, but can have crucial effects to the economic grid.

Nevada, for instance, over installed solar panels without efficient ways to recoup the costs for it. However, with higher-capacity battery storage, solar customers will earn profits from the solar systems with or without net metering. According to Peter Rive, chief technology officer of SolarCity, solar firms and utilities are pushing to keep the metering rules in tact until 2020 and plans to start including LifePo4 battery pack with their solar systems.
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