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Tesla Solar Roof

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:16:44
According to foreign media reports, Tesla Friday at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles at the conference announced that the company will independently manufacture and sale of integrated solar energy storage battery solar panels. Residential users will be able to use solar panels and a new generation of Powerwall 2 household energy storage battery to replace the entire roof, more convenient for residential users all use portable solar power generator.

The solar roof is made up of textured glass tiles, which integrate solar cells. Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) said that the roof looks and traditional roof as beautiful, even more beautiful. From the ground, they look like ordinary roof tiles, but completely transparent to absorb sunlight. Maske said the tiles used in hydrographic printing, each is a "special snowflake tile" (snowflake tile), so no two roof is the same. "You can compare two roofs that look similar to each other, and they are different, because the tiles they use are different," Maske said.
Tesla Solar Roof
Tesla has also launched a number of different versions of solar panels, including the texture of glass tiles, slate glass tiles, Tuscan glass tiles, smooth glass tile. All glass tiles are more durable than traditional roof tiles, Tesla says. This is important in areas prone to hail.

SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive (Lyndon Rive) said that these products by the company and Tesla joint development. Tesla is preparing to $ 2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity, the shareholders of the two companies will be in mid-November on the deal to vote.
Tesla Solar Roof
Powerwall2 can store 14 kilowatt-hours of power, rated power of 5 kilowatts, the peak power of 7 kilowatts. It's unlimited power cycles (unlimited power cycles) warranty up to 10 years, can be installed on the floor, you can also use wall-mounted, both inside and outside the house can be. It can be used for load transfer or standby power.

Maske said that the solar energy solution consists of three parts: power generation (solar panels), storage (battery) and use (electric vehicles). Musca plans to sell all three products through Tesla.

Previously, in order to fully use solar power batteries or reduce the dependence on the grid, users need to separately from SolarCity companies such as the purchase of solar panels, from Tesla to buy Powerwall energy storage batteries. Now, users can buy these two products directly from Tesla.
Tesla Solar Roof
Maske said the United States each year, 400 million to 500 million new roof. With more traditional roofs using solar energy, the price of solar roofing products will be competitive. However, there is no need to replace the existing roof is more suitable for traditional solar installation program.

Maske previously had a series of tweets and early this summer announced the "master plan, the second part" of the new products were notice.

Powerwall2 is priced at $ 5,500. Tesla did not announce solar roof products time to market and price, did not mention how to install and operate it.
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