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Tesla Solar Roof Plan And New Home Energy Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:02:09
TeslaTesla CEO Maske said on Twitter, plans announced in the October 28 solar roof plan and the new home energy storage battery.

Masque said, when "will announce the new Tesla / SolarCity solar roof, integrated Powerwall 2.0 and Tesla charger." Powerwall is a Tesla developed home storage battery.

Maske wrote in July this year, wrote that the integration of energy regeneration and storage, "to create the overall, beautiful solar panels and solar powered portable generator batteries integrated products, making it a personal power supply equipment, and then in the world to achieve economies of scale effect.

Tesla in June this year proposed to be about 2.8 billion acquisition of solar panel SolarCity. Masco said the acquisition of SolarCity will transform Tesla into "the only vertically integrated energy company in the world, offering customers end-to-end clean energy products." At present, the transaction has not been completed.

However, some analysts have questioned that the two companies are currently in a financial loss of the business situation in 2015, a total loss of 1.66 billion US dollars, "negative" is such a thing in the eyes of investors seems unlikely.
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