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Tesla Solar Farm On Kauai Island

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-10 14:12:09
According to TheVerge website, the islands that are distributed in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean are the best practice sites for installing and using solar panels because there are no natural gas pipelines and no railways that transport coal. Like Kauai in Hawaii, people usually transport large quantities of bottled diesel to the island and then use it as fuel to generate electricity.

Since the recent period, since many residents and businesses on the island have installed solar panels, so the demand for fossil fuels during the day began to significantly reduce. And to the night, we still have to rely on electricity. Now, Tesla is ready to completely change the status quo. The company built a huge new solar farm as an energy storage project on Kauai.
Tesla Solar Farm On Kauai Island
Most of the renewable energy power generation process is intermittent: usually, wind and solar power generation peak time is just the tide of energy demand stage. So Tesla (formerly Tesla Motor Company, last year renamed Tesla company, renamed the reason is involved in many of these new energy projects) to provide an energy storage product Powerpack. This is a huge solar power batteries, it can store energy in sunny day during the day. When the sun rises, the demand for electricity starts to rise, and it can supply electricity to the user.

Tesla's project on Kauai Island consists of a 52 MW-hour battery installation unit, plus a 13 MW SolarCity solar farm. The project is a power generation project undertaken by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, co-operated by Tesla and Kauai Utah. It is understood that this project will reduce the annual 1.6 million gallons (about 6.05 million liters) of fossil fuel use.

This project is similar to the solar / battery microgrid project built by Tesla last year in the United States of America, Samoa, and is similar to the Kauai Utah Utilities (KIUC) project, which uses the Tesla Powerpack 2 battery system. The project uses the Powerpack 2 battery system produced at the Gigafactory factory in Tesla, Nevada.
Tesla Solar Farm On Kauai Island
The KIUC project did not completely purchase solar panels and battery systems from Tesla. On the contrary, but with Tesla signed a power purchase contract. The contract is valid for 20 years, the purchase of solar power price of 13.9 cents (about 0.96 yuan) / kWh. And now Tesla has also become a power generation business.

Since the acquisition of SolarCity for $ 2.6 billion ($ 18 billion) last year, the KIUC project on Kauai has been Tesla's first major solar power and power storage project. Tesla said in a statement: "We will be with the energy suppliers around the world to seek to overcome the obstacles to sustainable development and the integration of renewable energy into the grid of these energy providers."

Last year, during a tour at the Tesla Gigafactory facility, the company's chief executive, Elon Maschen, said the fixed energy storage system "could become an equally important business with the Tesla company's auto sector." "In fact, the growth rate of the business is likely to be several times faster than the auto business," he said, adding that the growth rate of the fixed energy storage business is really exciting, which is a super exponential growth rate.

Earlier this year, Tesla launched a massive energy storage facility in the Ontario Lake area of California. The design of the facility is to reduce the need for "peak power plants" or to allow costly power plants to operate only at specific peak periods. Using Tesla's Powerpacks energy storage system, not only can replace the "peak power plant", and with the time of renewable energy power generation and therefore become more and more popular. At present, Tesla has been in the commercial, industrial and public utilities have a large number of start-up projects.

Tesla also offers a home user energy storage solution called Powerwall that uses the same technology as the Powerpack system. In fact, a Powerpack system can be simply seen as the 16 Powerwall portable solar power generator battery cells into the same waterproof box.
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