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Tesla Pirate of China Photovoltaic Enterprises

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 13:41:46

Tesla has been on the high electric cars all the rage, is the automotive industry's new energy leader. In the October 29 (US time on October 28) of the conference, the language was amazing: Tesla launched a new solar roof (Solar roof), the second generation of energy wall (Powerwall 2.0). Maske at the press conference that the new solar roof is his development of "Tesla ambitious" in the part. The new solar roof with the previous solar panels in solar power generator, shape closer to the tile, so that the overall shape of the house will not change.


The thought that this is a compelling "black technology", but just a few hours after a big reversal occurred shaking. China's major well-known photovoltaic companies have said that this technology has been developed and put into use in China for many years. Is this the United States Tesla "piracy" of China's photovoltaic enterprises?


It is understood that Zhejiang University Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang University," as early as 2009, began to develop similar Tesla Conference on the display of photovoltaic tile, and in 2012 successfully developed into production, Photovoltaic ceramic tile. " March 2012, the first use of photovoltaic ceramic tiles full coverage of the photovoltaic roof demonstration project in Fuyang established. At that time the invention also attracted the Central Television station approached the scientific column group conducted a special report - "will power the roof."

It is reported that the Zhejiang University is located in Fuyang, Hangzhou, the company focused on the development and production of photovoltaic ceramic tile and roof power generation system. From the beginning of November 2009 to apply for the various patents, so far, photovoltaic ceramic tile has nearly 50 domestic and foreign patents, and has strict product quality standards and improve the design and installation of technical specifications. The company's independent research and development of photovoltaic ceramic tile and related products have passed TUV, CQC, ROHS, CE, ISO9000: 14000 certification, won the Hangzhou "Mayor Cup" industrial product design competition Silver. The company was identified as outstanding innovation-oriented enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the state-level high-tech enterprises, patent pilot enterprises in Hangzhou, the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development centers and other honors. At present, the United States is the largest photovoltaic ceramic tile products national standards and application development standards of the main development units, is the world's leading, the only domestic manufacturer of photovoltaic ceramic tile. Today, the United States and the photovoltaic products have been distributed more than 20 countries around the world, has been used in a large number of grain storage, high-grade villas, new rural new rural homes, new industrial plants.



So, look back Tesla solar roof products, the appearance of similar tiles, the construction of raw materials is also similar?


According to the official website of Tesla: These solar generator tiles from 1. Solar modules, 2. Transparent colored film, 3. High-strength tempered glass, composed of three layers of material.


Solar roofs offer four beautiful styles - textured glass tiles, slate glass tiles, Tuscan glass tiles and smooth glass tiles to cater to a variety of architectural styles.


While the Zhejiang University of photovoltaic ceramic tiles are made of solar power batteries, ceramic composite materials, low iron and ultra-white tempered glass three materials. In the color selection is more diverse, diverse colors, and can be customized according to customer preferences.


It appears that both in appearance or in the construction of materials have the same purpose. However, China in the photovoltaic tile technology has been a full lead on this project for seven years, the practice of the use of new energy also played a leading role. In 2010, "PV ceramic tile" won the "National Energy Board 2010 National Energy Science and Technology Progress Award" third prize. In 2013, the product also received the World Wide Fund for Nature Project Climate Innovation Project Technology Innovation Award. Now see such a strength of the younger generation to catch up, China's enterprises will also have to consider technological innovation and reform, maintaining a high degree of vigilance and product quality.


Tesla solar roof appears, suggesting that the global trend of new energy products, photovoltaic tiles will also be deep into every household. I do not know in the future solar roof PV market, China and the United States, which will come out on top, or go hand in hand.


No matter what the outcome, everyone's goal is very consistent, and hope to popularize new energy into the mass. And as a developing country China may be leading the world's third industrial revolution!

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