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Tesla Partners With Panasonic On Solar Cells And Panels

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 08:36:52
According to foreign media reports, Tesla announced that its long-term partner with Japan's Panasonic battery supplier in a factory in New York to produce solar powered portable generator cells and panels.

Tesla issued a statement of its non-binding letter of intent signed with Japan's Matsushita, based on whether the former shareholder approval of its acquisition of SolarCity may be. Neither of the financial terms were disclosed, but officials in New York said Tesla and Matsushita would make production at SolarCity's facility in Buffalo, New York.
Japan's Matsushita is expected to begin production in 2017 at the Buffalo plant, Tesla intends to sign with them on solar cells and panels of the long-term procurement agreement.

Tesla said it will use these solar cells and panels for its solar energy system, the system will be its energy storage products Powerwall and Powerpack seamless docking.

The current Tesla SolarCity is to start the acquisition, Maske is the largest shareholder of the two companies. In 2015, SolarCity said it will create a new type of solar panels, which in the sun into energy is the most efficient solar power generator panels.
SolarCity has pledged to spend $ 5 billion on its New York-based riverbank plant within 10 years, earning New York's $ 750 million in tax breaks and additional investments. New York governor Andrew Cuomo (Andrew Cuomo), said Buffalo area will invest one billion US dollars for economic development. SolarCity received tax deduction is the amount of 10 billion US dollars in part.

Panasonic spokesman declined to disclose the details of cooperation, SolarCity and Tesla did not immediately return to the media. Panasonic has been working with Tesla on the battery supply, the former is the latter's first popular model Model 3 battery supplier.

Tesla and SolarCity shareholders plan to vote on the acquisition in November. The car prices that will be announced before the vote after the merger of the company's product planning.
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