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Tesla New Solar Shingles Available For Pre-order

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-05-10 11:28:04

Tesla has made its new solar shingles available for pre-order. The high-tech solar panels are designed to more resemble regular home shingles than previous attempts at solar panels. They are also better made to withstand hits from hail. Tesla says they are "more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles." They work with Tesla Powerwall home solar power batteries that enables you to use your solar power for uninterrupted electricity when there is a grid power outage. 

Tesla New Solar Shingles Available For Pre-order
The Tesla Solar Roof panels can be pre-ordered here. You enter your home address to get the details. It also provides information about a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit that Tesla says you may be able to obtain for going solar. The pre-order requires you to pay a $1,000 down payment. The textured and smooth shingles are up for pre-order. The tuscan and slate versions will be available at a later date. 

Popular Mechanics notes that your roof with the portable solar power generator Roof will not be entirely made of a solar panels but a mix solar and non-solar shingles. This helps keep the cost down. The non-solar shingles are placed primarily in areas that won't receive much sun. 
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