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Tesla New Solar Roof

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-25 14:30:10
TeslaElon Musk says he hopes will launch an integrated battery and charger Tesla Motors next month with a new solar roof.

Tesla CEO tweeted on Thursday he hoped the debut of the new system, the system will use the second generation Powerwall household batteries, the San Francisco Bay Area in the event of October 28. The system seems to be the first product out of the Fremont, California-based company Tesla and SolarCity, a solar panel manufacturer Tesla announced in August, will cost $ 2.6 billion for the partnership.

Musk suggests such a product, when he released his second "master plan" in late July, the company asked to explain his reasoning merger. His goal, he wrote, to create "integrated smoothly and beautiful rooftop solar powered portable generator products, just work, empowering individuals as their utility, and then extended in the entire world."

First launched in May 2015 by the musk, which Powerwall lithium-ion battery module, storage backup power from solar panels, the use of the charging process during non-peak period energy, then returned home to provide energy during peak hours.
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