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Tesla Needs To Pay Panasonic Battery Manufacture Cost 1.7 Billion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 08:11:15
teslaRecently, Tesla said in a regulatory document, which needs to pay 1.7 billion US dollars to Panasonic battery manufacturing-related costs. The settlement date for this payment is September 30 this year.

These batteries are manufactured in the Tesla Super Battery Factory in Nevada. Panasonic plans to invest 1.6 billion US dollars for the Tesla production of batteries. As part of the investment ahead of schedule, the company has cut its full-year profit forecast on Monday.

Matsushita is a long-term partner for Tesla's automotive lifepo4 battery pack, which in 2014 agreed to invest in equipment, machinery and other manufacturing tools at super-battery plants to manufacture cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for Tesla.

Previously reported that the super-battery factory cost up to 50 billion US dollars, will begin production by the end of this year. The lifepo4 battery produced by the plant will initially be used in Tesla's energy products before being deployed in the car.
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