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Tesla Model 3 or a new solar car roof technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 15:38:34
Tesla's upcoming Model 3 model is likely to use the new solar car roof technology. Tesla CEO Ehron Musk had previously demonstrated the possibility of using a solar roof technology for the Tesla model 3 which used lifepo4 battery pack for jump start, but later on when Tesla was about to adopt the technology on production vehicles, there was no official News, but recently, there is news that Tesla's new model Model 3 above is likely to adopt such technology.Tody most electric cars are use lifepo4 battery pack for electric vehicle power battery.
Tesla Model 3  solar car
Tesla is doing her own way. Including using their own battery packs, setting up their own charging standards, selling their own electric vehicles, and even providing consumers with the ability to produce solar power to meet their EV charging needs (or household demand). Now, Tesla has added an automotive glass to its product chain.

According to recent news, Tesla solar roof technology will be to collect solar energy through the roof to generate electricity for some of the car's electronic components. And there is news that Tesla's car roof solar technology is likely to be a new Tesla embedded solar cell development "Tesla glass."

Elon Musker in the outside world to publish their home with solar roof products such as solar power generator for home use, but also mentioned Tesla's special glass materials technology. At a recent conference call, Maske confirmed for the first time to the outside world that Tesla had a new glass-materials R & D department when discussing solar-tile products with analysts. "This product uses a great deal of skill in the automotive glass industry, and while Tesla does not advertise aggressively, we have formed a glass technology research and development team - a lot of very talented people on the team," Maske said. "

More interesting is that this "Tesla glass" technology, is very willing to be a folding design, for example, it can be made is a folding hardtop convertible models, so in terms of price, compared to General solar panels are also expensive to a lot. In addition, Tesla's "Tesla glass" technology is more likely to be more expensive than other conventional branded models that use a car roof, such as Fisker, Ford, Toyota and so on.
Tesla Model 3
Maske also confirmed that Tesla will be in the automotive application products manufacturing, the use of their own glass technology. These materials will first be used in the upcoming Model 3 electric vehicles. Tesla has used this glass material (to some extent, the Model X has been listed on the sale of the unique panoramic windshield is a huge glass, is that the glass has been introduced to the electric car body, Technology, an application of expression). While the upcoming Model 3 electric car will be provided by two huge glass roof composition of the roof. In the automotive glass material comprehensive promotion before, the outside world hope Tesla company concerned about its strength performance, preferably with its solar glass tiles the same intensity.This solar glass is slao use for portable solar power generator.

We all know that Tesla's Model 3 will be officially on sale in 2017, its maximum mileage will reach 346 km, 100 km acceleration time in 6 seconds or less, but in addition, it is also very likely Will carry Tesla's new "Tesla glass" technology.

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