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Tesla Model 3 battery new technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 13:44:55

Model 3 World Premiere, the avid fans Jibao stores. This may be because of the excellent performance of Model 3, so that consumers and scientists are looking forward to it:


0 to 60 miles (about 96.6 km) to accelerate only 6 seconds, mileage up to 215 miles (about 346 km), to support the use of super charging piles, with the same charging efficiency and S Model as well as X Model.

 Tesla Battery

The United States Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Mark Newman in a research report released on the 31 that the Model 3 battery technology has significant progress, it will make the car in the power and cheap far greater than any other market in an electric vehicle. Now some electric vehicle manufactures take LiFePO4 battery pack as new battery.


In the field of automotive technology, battery is a particularly critical place to make researchers feel frustrated, especially for electric vehicles. Because the battery researchers have not yet invented a relatively inexpensive super battery. For the majority of drivers, the performance of the battery to contain, electric cars go far enough. And the cost of the battery is too high. These are the main reason that the electric car is still a niche product.


Newman Mark said, Model 3 built-in battery from Japan, is composed of a negative and a silicon containing 10% anode. This battery technology in the expert opinion is an important technical breakthrough.


A large part of the battery research effort is focused on creating a work with a silicon anode, which will significantly enhance the performance of the battery. In the present charging battery, the graphite anode is usually introduced in the form of LiC6 (embedded) with no more than 1 lithium atoms per 6 carbon atoms in the state of charge.


The lithium atom plays a key role in the lithium battery, also important in lifepo4 batteries. In a simple way, the more lithium atoms in a unit space, the more energy it can get.


If the anode is made of silicon, the unit volume of lithium ion can reach about 10 times as much as that of the former. In theory, if a large amount of silicon is used to replace graphite, graphite cathode may become thin, thus expanding the space of the active material. Silicon can hold more lithium, each silicon atom can hold 4 lithium atoms. This can improve the battery energy density, that is, the unit volume energy storage capacity.

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