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Tesla Might Be The First To Lithium-Ion Battery Raw Materials

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-01-31 13:37:47
In recent years, the global sales of new energy vehicles increased rapidly, with a growth of 16.9 times in five years. Relatively scarce resources of lithium have been valued by all kinds of capital. Toyota, BYD and other new energy vehicles vehicle manufacturers, as well as A shares of a number of lithium battery materials manufacturers have announced plans for investment in the near future, investment upstream lithium resources to lock in the supply of raw materials of lithium.
Tesla Might Be The First To Lithium-Ion Battery Raw Materials
Media reports, Tesla is negotiating with Chile's largest lithium producer SQM on the supply of raw materials for lithium batteries. SQM is one of the world's largest lithium producers, and Tesla is the world's leading maker of electric vehicles. In early January, SQM signed an agreement with the Chilean government to approve an increase of the company's quota at Salar de Atacama. Atacama Salt Marsh is one of the most abundant lithium deposits in the world.

Chile said it may agree that Tesla could agree to set up a processing plant in the country to produce the high-quality lithium batteries needed for its batteries, which if successful means that Tesla will be the first to reach lithium-ion battery raw materials.
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