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Tesla Lithium Battery Energy Storage Project In Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-12-07 14:18:30
Tesla's largest lithium battery energy storage project in South Australia is officially in operation. The project has completed energy storage and transmission testing to the grid in previous tests.

The project has an energy storage capacity of 100MW / 129MWh and uses Tesla commercial energy storage Powerpack system to interface with the Hornsdale wind farm developed by French renewable energy supplier Neoen to provide stable and clean electricity to South Australia. The wind farm planned capacity 315MW, construction in three phases, a 102.4MW and 102.4MW two have been completed and put into production, three 109MW have also completed the installation. In the previous day's test, the energy storage project stored wind power at night and then fed the grid during the peak hours of the afternoon with a maximum output of 70 MW. The success of the project also shows people the future of a wide range of clean energy applications, with the help of solar power generator energy storage systems, clean energy generation will become more economical, smarter and more reliable.
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Jay Weatherill, governor of South Australia, said: "(This storage system) enabled clean wind power for the first time to be conveniently dispatched for 24/7, increasing system reliability."

In September last year, South Australia suffered a severe storm and power generation facilities were severely damaged, causing a power outage across the state and affecting 1.7 million residents. In early 2017, several power outages due to power grid problems occurred during the summer heat in Australia. South Australia leads the way in renewable energy and hopes to find a sustainable solution that can effectively safeguard the energy security of its inhabitants both now and in the future. As a result, the South Australian government this year solicitation bid for grid-level energy storage solutions, bidding program storage capacity of at least 100MW.

In July, Tesla won the fierce bidding and won the contract for the entire energy storage system project. Musk also confidently on the personal Twitter promised that this energy storage project will be completed within 100 days, put into use before December 1, otherwise free to give this project. Tesla also issued a notice after the project was launched. The company said: "We are very honored to be involved in the change of renewable energy in South Australia. We hope this project will demonstrate our future global deployment."
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