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Tesla Large Battery In South Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-05-07 12:56:01
New data shows that Tesla’s large battery in South Australia already has a 55% share of the state’s frequency and ancillary services market, and has reduced the price of this market by 90%.

Australian Energy Week presented at the meeting of McKinsey and its partner Godart van Gendt in Melbourne on Thursday showed the country’s first utility-scale battery-economy astonishing figures.
Van Gendt, a panel member who helps manage the transition to renewable energy in Australia, has demonstrated that solar power generator battery storage will "play a very important role." He said that there has been much discussion around the success of large batteries - the largest of its kind in the world so far - and delivered at a rapid pace - focusing on the fact that "we did it" rather than the economy. "So, I think I will give you some data from market data," Van Jain said.

"In the first four months of the Hornsdale Energy Reserve (the official name of Tesla Batteries owned and operated by Neoen), the price of frequency aid services has dropped by 90%, and therefore is 9-0%." And 100MW batteries in South Australia The FCAS revenue has exceeded 55%. As a result, South Australia’s capacity accounts for 55% of South Australia’s total revenue, which is 2% of it.

"This is great for the first battery on the market," he added. "But if you already have 55% of FCAS now no longer exists, right... and the price has dropped by 90%." Of course, the business case is, of course, the attraction of the second battery is a bit small."So I hope the second battery in South Australia is very good! ”

Van Gunter's calculations are just the latest in a series of evaluations that show that Tesla batteries, despite being criticized by the critics for their small size, have an impact on the market.

It is estimated that consumers in the FCAS market alone saved about $35 million in costs during the first four months of operation. This is a very good return for the South Australian government’s estimated investment of 50 million U.S. dollars.
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