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Tesla Electric Car Battery Danger

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:11:43
lifePo4 storage battery packTesla electric car spontaneous combustion accidents from happening again. Tesla spontaneous combustion accidents in recent years continued, the industry generally believe that the problem is the poor battery safety.

Tesla electric car is a typical representative of the ternary material for battery applications, security has been questioned whether a breakthrough. Although the Tesla electric car mileage large, but often low battery capacity means that the security factor. "Electric vehicle mileage is a threshold at 400 km." August 21, hundreds of people will participate in electric vehicles in China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Forum Dong Yang, executive vice president, told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

Domestic battery, there has been a ternary material lifePo4 batteries and route of the dispute, in fact, is the core of the debate, the mileage on the first or safety, or both, there is no better combination of points. "At present, how to choose the electric vehicle technology roadmap presence multiparty debate, but depends on market conditions and demand." Dong Yang said.

According to the Ministry statistics, since 2009, China's new energy automobile accidents a total of 31 cases, which since 2015 occurred 17 cases have been in 17 accidents in four cases was an accident battery system, six from accidents associated components , there are two cases are caused by defects in the charging system, of course, is from 5 or converted violations caused by improper use. By the end of 2015, the accident rate of 0.17 ‰, higher than the world average more than doubled.

Group Vice President of AMD Kirk said: "Tesla using Panasonic lifePo4 battery pack, a lot of people in the industry recognition of their basic representatives battery benchmark, but the Chinese market and other countries, in China in order to reduce the initial cost, as much as possible use a smaller battery, and excessive consumption of battery life so the battery enterprises, the Chinese market is the world's most challenging market. "
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