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Tesla Develops Special Solar Glass for Model3

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 10:56:25

Tesla chief executive Elon Musker said at a teleconference that Tesla acquired SolarCity's financial details that a special glass material similar to its solar roofing product in solar power generator would be used in Tesla's upcoming Model 3 electric car. In addition, Tesla and SolarCity's shareholders will also vote on November 17 the merger of the two companies.


Musk said Tesla now has a special glass technology R & D team, this newly established department is working to develop special glass manufacturing technology. Tesla on Friday launched the solar roof products, is the application of this technology results.


Musk also said, Model 3 electric cars will be introduced with the same special glass technology like solar roof in solar generator. But he did not further explain this technology.

In this conference, Maske said: "This technology uses a lot of automotive glass manufacturing skills, perhaps it has not been a big publicity, but Tesla has formed a special glass technology research and development team, And also has a group of truly outstanding talent.


On Friday, Maske also made some additional introductions to the glass material on Twitter. He said that the glass in the solar energy conversion process can absorb heat and melt away the surface of the snow. In addition, the glass does not waste energy during the heat absorption process, and can exhibit "strong positive energy" characteristics.

Tesla is sure to use this glass in many areas, such as the use of this glass for the Model 3 electric car manufacturing solar roof in solar backup generator or windshield.


Solar glass tile manufacturing materials can also absorb heat, such as can be used for the rear of the car anti-icing device, used to clean the roof of the snow and generate energy.

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