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Tesla Cooperates With Panasonic To Produce Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 10:58:59
solar cellsRecently, the US electric car maker Tesla announced that it will cooperate with Panasonic to produce solar cells. The two sides consider a joint venture in the United States, New York, the construction of solar cell factory, and is expected to begin production in 2017, the main production of solar cells and modules. Panasonic is responsible for production work, Tesla is to make long-term commitment to buy. However, the current agreement between the two sides is only a non-binding letter of intent, whether to achieve depends on whether shareholders approved the acquisition of solar energy company Tesla SolarCity. In this case,

If the acquisition is approved, solar powered portable generator cells and modules will seamlessly interface with Tesla's energy storage products Powerwall and Powerpack. According to Tesla's official blog, SolarCity will provide installation, sales and financial services. Maske has been promoting Tesla to expand beyond the automotive business, the goal is to provide a variety of environmentally friendly technologies. Tesla SolarCity is on the acquisition, the shareholders of the two companies will vote in November this year, whether to approve the deal, and Maske is the two companies' number one shareholder. In spite of some objections, it is expected to be approved in general. Once the acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla's business will include solar cells, will allow US users to use solar roofs for Tesla cars. In this case,

In fact, Tesla and Panasonic's expansion of the relationship is not surprising. Since the establishment of Tesla, the two companies have been in close cooperation on the battery project. As early as 2009, Panasonic and Tesla to develop electric vehicle batteries, Panasonic has been after the Tesla electric vehicle lithium-ion battery packs major suppliers, for example, the latest Tesla's main vehicle Model 3 battery supply Panasonic is the business. Tesla continued in the global hot, Panasonic will bring the power of the king of the throne. The first half of this year, Panasonic accounted for half of the power battery market. Matsushita is expected in the next 3 years, the company's car battery turnover is expected to double in 2015 fiscal year (April 2015 ~ March 2016) to 180 billion yen in 2018 fiscal year will increase to 400 billion yen Approximately RMB25.4 billion). US consulting firm Lux predicts that by 2020, Panasonic will continue to occupy the world's largest vehicle battery supplier's throne. In this case,

In addition, Matsushita is a major partner in the Tesla Super Battery Factory project, which is expected to cost about $ 5 billion. Tesla CEO Maske claimed that the plant in Nevada, the United States will be the world's largest battery factory, will provide lithium batteries for automotive and backup power systems. In this case,

"We are pleased to be able to expand our relationship with Panasonic, and we are currently working with SolarCity to develop solar technology that will enable us to accelerate the production of efficient and reliable solar power batteries cells and modules at the best possible cost combination. Pull co-founder and chief technology officer Strawberry said. "Panasonic's solar cells and modules have industry-leading power performance and are of higher quality and reliability," said Okayama Hideji, vice president of Panasonic's environmental solutions program. "We hope this partnership will make Tesla and Panasonic more cooperative On the floor.

At present, Tesla and Matsushita did not disclose the details of the cooperation, the Japanese "Nikkei News" revealed that the amount of investment between the two sides is about 10 billion yen (about 650 million yuan).
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