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Tesla Battery Network Unit Powerpacks

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-12 15:19:30

By the end of this year, South Australia will have the world's largest battery, if Elon, Musk, and Tesla have an ambitious commitment. The battery installation will be connected to a 99 turbine wind farm (still under construction) and will serve as an energy reservoir to ensure that the area has sufficient electricity, even at peak power demand.


Imagine a Duracell huge out of the ground is very interesting, but in reality, a lot of installation will be located in a Tesla battery network unit called Powerpacks. Together, they will be what the company calls "the largest solar power batteries storage project in the world.". "Tesla did not say how many Powerpacks will be needed for the project, but it will be capable of 100 megawatts of more than 30000 homes, according to the company.
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